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  1. Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere, but I can't seem to find a specific question in the old posts. Is there a general consensus as to what the best sanitizer is? I'm using the MrB one-step right now, since it came with my starter kit, but I'll soon be moving on to brews that don't include a handy packet of sanitizer. Star San seems to be a popular choice, and my LHBS probably carries it, but I'm wondering what the opinion of the forum is. I can't get MrB's sanitizer very easily, since shipping to Canada is outrageous and Amazon.ca only carries the basic refills (no sanitizer or other ingredients). I'll talk to the guys at the LHBS when I pop in later today, but wanted to see if there is a general consensus on the forums. Thanks and :cheers:
  2. Thanks! I might have to try that. I've got a batch of the MrB Czech Pilsner on deck, but maybe I'll pick up a can of the Cooper's Canadian Blonde to brew after that and see how it plays out in the LBK. I think a "Canadian Pale Ale" could be tasty. Any recommendation on the type of yeast, or do the Cooper's cans come with yeast just like the MrB refills?
  3. "VTGroff" post=305043 said:I think as long as you prepare yourself for the notion that it's going to be about double the IBUs that it should be, you'll be fine - adjust your expectations. If you grab their Canadian Blonde and make it with the extra DME/Corn Sugar, it's going to be : (420 X 1.25)/23 X 95% = 19.95 IBU Coopers gives the IBUs of the concentrate of their cans, you have to do math to figure out the IBUs of the finished product. Source So If you were to dump a whole can of Canadian Blonde, it's going to be closer to 40 IBU. Call it "Canadian Pale Ale" and you're done! Would you even need the extra sugar/DME, then, as long as you were prepared for the extra IBUs? "mrblase" post=305037 said:asnider, you can use half a can in the LBK and cover the balance of the can with an oz of vodka and plastic wrap stored in the refrigerator until you want to use it. I do this all the time with the Cooper's 3.75 pound HME's especially when I can get them on sale. Recently I picked up 2 cans of stout for $10 US a can. Good beer. :laugh: Thanks for the tip!
  4. "snakefetus" post=305025 said:Yeah I did that once, didnt add any sugars and just used one LBK, It was horrible. When I do a coopers batch, I usually use the 'Real Ale' HME which like stated before is $15-ish and then I use the brew enhancer which is about $7, and then a pound or 2 of DME. sometimes I steep in some carapils as well, so roughly speaking a batch cost me about $40ish I know that adjuncts are generally frowned upon when malt can be used instead, but I'm wondering if just adding a bit of sugar -- maybe a cup of honey? -- could help take some of the edge off if using a full can of Cooper's in a single LBK. That would keep the costs down but still give you a (hopefully) decent beer. I'm just throwing out ideas -- I'm still very new to this -- so I don't know if that would work or not.
  5. It sounds like OxyClean Free is the way to go. I notice that the Mr. Beer instructions suggest using clear hand soap (not dish soap!) because it won't leave a residue. I bought the most non-toxic hand soap I could find the other day, for the purpose of cleaning the LBK, but now I'm thinking that I should use OxyClean instead. What are people's thoughts/experiences using hand soap to clean the LBK? I was thinking that, if it will still work OK, I can just use up this bottle before buying a package of OxyClean.
  6. "snakefetus" post=304943 said: "asnider" post=304838 said:I'm sure the sale is now over, but are these standard 5-gallon kits or are they 2-gallon kits that would work in a LBK? They are standard 5 Gallon kits. If you were to do one using an LBK, you would need to split the batch in 2 LBK's.That's what I thought. I only have a single LBK right now, as I'm very new to this. If I get a second LBK or a 5-gallon setup then I'll probably try the Cooper's kits, since they are available just about everywhere around here (most grocery stores, a few drugs stores, and I think the LHBS). The cost for them vs the cost of MB products is interesting, especially since the two are now both owned by Coopers. You get more than twice the beer with the Cooper's kits but they only cost about $5 more than a MB kit.
  7. I'm sure the sale is now over, but are these standard 5-gallon kits or are they 2-gallon kits that would work in a LBK?
  8. "Joechianti" post=304707 said: "asnider" post=304667 said:What would be the result of using a full can of HME in a single gallon brew-size? Would the beer simply be more full-bodied or will the taste be significantly different due to halving the normal amount of water? I've never done that, but I'd have to believe it would be both more full-bodied and more full-flavored, including maltiness and hoppiness. If you do it with a standard refill, I bet it would be wonderful, since most here feel it's a touch 'watery'. The craft refills may or may not be too much of a good thing, but there's only one way to find out. Both are designed to make 2 gallons, one richer than the other at that volume. Hey, if you do it, please let us know how it turns out. That's sort of what I figured. I guess the ABV would be higher, too. I wasn't planning on trying it, just asking what the result would be since it sounds like this is what Jason is planning to do. But, now that you've mentioned it, I am tempted. Perhaps 1.5 gallons would be a better spot to aim for: better body and flavour (and ABV?), but without being overdone and potentially too "syrupy."
  9. What would be the result of using a full can of HME in a single gallon brew-size? Would the beer simply be more full-bodied or will the taste be significantly different due to halving the normal amount of water?
  10. "Bull" post=304592 said:lol. You brewed the exact same beer as I did for the exact same reason AND made the exact same mistake I did pitching the yeast. (are we twins seperated at birth?) All I can say is, the temp didn't affect the final product (or if it did, next time around it will be even better). The beer while nothing spectacular was very good IMHO, better than the mass produced store bought Cerveza I ususally avoid. Good enough I'm going to brew it gain in the spring (next time with an LME/DME adddition). Patience is the key. I just finished off the last of my Aztec Mexican Cerveza last weekend I can unequivicably say that the last bottle was many times better than the first bottle (opened at two weeks). After that expereince, I'm going to brew all the standard and craft refills at least once to get a basline on how each tastes. Welcome and happy brewing! :gulp: I think we might be triplets! The Aztec is my first brew (still in the LBK, likely bottling it tomorrow or Friday) for the same reasons! I did a small taste test a few days ago, to see how it was coming along and, although it was a bit thin, the flavour did seem better than Corona. I think it'll be a decent brew and I am actually planning to make it again in the spring, so that I'll have some in the summer. I'm not normally one for the cerveza style, but this is decent and I think that, with a bit of UME to up the body and ABV, it might be a good patio beer to enjoy with the wife. Welcome aboard, Zobel, and happy brewing!
  11. "k9dude" post=303977 said:I know EXACTALLY what that's for!!! We use them to clean the stages at the strip clubs here in Vegas! Yeah, but are your strip clubs fully nude? And if they are, can they serve alcohol? It's one or the other down there, isn't it?
  12. "Trollby" post=303804 said:Any LME or DME will work with Mr. Beer. I use the "bulk" LME from my LHBS all the time since it is so much cheaper. ($2.75/# if 1-15#, cheaper if buy over 15# and up) That's what I figured. Just buy something from the LHBS and use 1lb for a standard 2 gallon batch, as oly suggested?
  13. I'm wondering if any one has good recommendations for UME options that work well with MB refills that come from other companies. Amazon.ca doesn't carry Mr. Beer UME or Booster and Mr. Beer's shipping rates to Canada are very high. I've looked at a certain demonic company, since they also have refills/kits designed for 2 gallon batches, but they don't appear to ship to Canada at all. Since I'm new, I want to stick to MB refills or equivalent for a while, and I want to start including UME into my brews soon in order to up the body and ABV, but I'd prefer to avoid high shipping costs if possible. Any recommendations?
  14. I poured a small sample of this batch earlier today. It smells like beer. And it tastes like flat beer. It's got less body than I'd expected, but this is probably due to the wort spill (and the fact that it could use more time in the fermenter). I'll keep it in the fermenter for another 5 - 7 days and then it should be ready for bottling. With a little luck, I'll have a few bottles ready for Christmas (albeit a little bit greener than is ideal), with the rest left until the New Year so that they're well conditioned.
  15. I'm from Edmonton, AB. It's not exactly a quick jaunt across the border for me, so most of my purchases will be from Amazon.ca or my LHBS.
  16. Welcome! I am also a Canadian (and a newbie), and I've found that Amazon.ca is the generally the best option up here. The prices are almost the same as Mr. Beer and are definitely cheaper if you're ordering enough to qualify for free super saver shipping. They don't have quite the same selection as going directly through Mr. Beer (the craft series doesn't appear to be available through Amazon, for example), but they've got all of the basic refills as well as some bottling supplies and the various LBK starter kits. The shipping rates through Mr. Beer are a bit crazy, so I'm glad to hear from some of the other members that they are planning to eventually setup a warehouse in Canada which will be able to provide better shipping prices. I'll also have to look into Bed, Bath, and Beyond (much to the chagrin of my brother, who is a manager at one of their major competitors).
  17. Thanks for the tips about using a pot with a spout. I thought of the same thing immediately after the spillage occurred. It's just a matter of finding the space to store another pot in our already cluttered cupboards! I'm trying to be patient, but I may rush things just a little bit in order to have a few bottles ready for Christmas (but I'll definitely leave most of them until after the New Year, which is when they should be properly ready based on the 3-4 rule that seems the be the standard advice).
  18. I didn't delete water to account for the spill, but probably should have tried to eyeball it and delete a bit. I think it might be a little bit thinner because of this, but it sounds like I'll be more or less OK. Thanks for the reassurance, everyone!
  19. Hello! I'm new to Mr. Beer and new to brewing in general. My wife got me a MB kit for my birthday and my first batch (the Aztec Cerveza refill) is in the LBK right now. I figured I'd introduce myself, since this community looks like a great resource that I'll be reading often (I've already gone through several of the stickies and FAQs). I do have a quick question about margin of error. How much wiggle room is there with the MB basic refills? When transferring the wort to the LBK I wasn't as steady as I thought and ended up spilling some of it outside the LBK. It wasn't a huge amount, but it was enough that I'm worried that the final product will be thinner and less full-bodied than I'd like. It's not like I spilled 1/4 of the wort, so am I worrying needlessly or is the margin of error small enough that I will see a noticeable decline in the quality of my final product? (I don't yet have a hydrometer, so I can't calculate the gravity numbers and see quantitative data this time around.) It's my first brew, so I'm not expecting magic, but I don't want to be disappointed, either.
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