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  1. "rickbray66" post=363336 said:I'm sorry....I'm thinking I may not have been too clear. I was leaning more towards what berryman had in mind.....use the pot for the 3 gallons of wort using all of the ingredients. Then split that between the 2 LBKs that each have 1 gallon of water. This is what many 5 gallon extract recipes call for - boil 3 gallons, tops off fermenter with 2 gallons. You would be doing the same thing, just splitting the 2 gallons of top-off water between 2 LBKs. Now, in my opinion, this is easier when doing recipes using HME and no hop boil is needed. If you are doing a recipe (or kit) that calls for a hop boil, you will want to look and see if the instructions call for a partial boil or a full boil. A partial boil can have a higher boil gravity which can affect hop utilization. Rick Does pouring the 3 gallons of wort on top of the chilled water affect your OG reading?
  2. "Gymrat" post=363442 said: "calledthestig" post=363228 said:This is my 2.5 Gallon "almost SMaSH" I did a few weeks back - it turned out really well and the malt profile allowed for the hop to really shine through. 4.5lbs 2-Row 4oz CaraPils 4oz Crystal 60L That is not a SMaSH. A SMaSH is Single Malt and Single Hop. That means one grain and one grain only. The last SMaSH I made was 9lbs of Munich 10L and 1oz of Sterling hops. Yeah hence the "almost SMaSH" description. Just a suggestion and wanted to put it in here.
  3. This is my 2.5 Gallon "almost SMaSH" I did a few weeks back - it turned out really well and the malt profile allowed for the hop to really shine through. 4.5lbs 2-Row 4oz CaraPils 4oz Crystal 60L
  4. Here she is in all her glory and its amazing. Honestly its exactly what I hoped it would be -- a nice pale ale with a finish of citrus / grapefruit from the Cascade hops. I am really excited to tap the 3L bottle in a few days and have this beer "on tap" with the tap-a-draft head. Thanks again to Joe for all his help!
  5. I just brewed a chocolate stout a few weeks back (AG), but I used lactose and unsweetened cocoa powder as my additions. Bottling at some point this weekend, but I would be sure to add lactose if you want the chocolate sweetness and not just its bitterness. Read the suggestions in my thread: http://community.mrbeer.com/forum/20-advanced-recipes/344504-7-mint-chocolate-stout-ag-biab
  6. "yankfan9" post=357878 said:Awesome, I'll be looking to see what you think! It is the Cascade "Almost" SMaSH right? If so, should be tasty! Yup that's the one - it's my recipe collaboration with Joe. :party:
  7. "yankfan9" post=357874 said:Sorry made it sound a bit confusing, its been 3 weeks in bottles, 2 carb, one conditioning OH OH OH, okay. Phew well sounds like we have the same mindset then. Mine is going in the fridge Friday night for a Saturday drink. I cannot wait to drink my first all grain beer especially since you are saying its better than anything you've ever had. :chug:
  8. Woah, ready after a week in the bottles? Sounds a bit early for me. I am going to throw one of mine in the fridge this weekend and it will have been three weeks.
  9. Wow that is an awesome present - happy bday!
  10. Bookmark this link: http://www.mrmalty.com/calc/calc.html It is the best calculator to determine how much yeast you need to pitch for the size batch you are brewing. And takes into consideration yeast age, starter, etc.
  11. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Just remember, patience is a virtue.
  12. Congrats on your first batch. Glad to hear you are doing better as well!
  13. As I typed this out I realized my pipeline is pretty full - I am taking two or three weeks off and then I am going to brew a raspberry wheat beer for the fiancee. I have approximately the following in my pipeline: * Classic American Light - 10x12oz & 1x1L * Winter Dark Ale - 10x12oz & 1x1L * Camilla's Folly - 8x12oz (My Favorite) * Beer Machine Pilsner - 15x12oz & 2x1L * Blue Moon Clone - 15x12oz & 2x1L * Cascading Falls Pale Ale (Conditioning) - 1x3L (Keg), 1x1L & 12x12oz * Chocolate Stout (Currently in LBK - Bottle on 3/30)
  14. A quick Google search turned up this recipe on HBT: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f12/rogue-chocolate-stout-clone-138549/
  15. "Deejay" post=353738 said: "calledthestig" post=353660 said:OR use Domino's dots like I have done for the past 4-5 batches. 1 per 12oz & 3 per 1L bottle Are the Domino Dots the Mr. Beer recommended amount or are they less? I am just asking because it seems as though Mr. Beer is a little high on their measurements. I know I use a little less sugar then they recommend. Each dot is 1/2 tsp so they are a bit under Mr. Beer recommended amounts which I think lead to perfect carb especially in 12oz bottles.
  16. "russki" post=353668 said: "calledthestig" post=353660 said:OR use Domino's dots like I have done for the past 4-5 batches. 1 per 12oz & 3 per 1L bottle Yes, they work equally well. The only issue with Dots is they don't easily fit into some bottles (thicker glass ones).Hmm I have never had a dot not fit into a bottle, interesting. Never thought about that though. Let me look into these drops as well though so I have a backup plan. :chug:
  17. OR use Domino's dots like I have done for the past 4-5 batches. 1 per 12oz & 3 per 1L bottle
  18. I cannot wait for my simple Pale Ale to be ready for consumption - this thread made me want it even more. Going to be a LONG three weeks.
  19. What I've done so far and it works out really well: 1 Dot = 12oz 3 Dots = 1L
  20. "RickBeer" post=353246 said: "Dalydog" post=353178 said:What are the repurcussions, if any? The end of mankind as we know it today... :evil: Unfortunately this. But seriously nothing will happen - your yeast will find all the fermentables to eat up.
  21. "Rucka203" post=353223 said:So, they've been conditioning for a week now. I popped one in the fridge two days ago, and I'm drinking it now.. It's the best beer I've had in my life. Perfect bitterness, perfect aroma. Crystal clear, a nice light brown color, and a very fruity aftertaste from the cascade. I think another 3 weeks will do amazing things to this beer. Wow that is quite the early sample. Perving on the beer.
  22. Can't wait to see how this comes out - sounds like you two both had a great experience. It seems that this was definitely a really great learning experience for everyone.
  23. Glad the brew conditioned out better for you after that extra week. I bet you that after 5-6 weeks you might even like it more!
  24. Quick Google search brings me this info - sounds great! I am awaiting a taste of my Cascade Hopped Pale Ale, but I like the idea of a single hop recipe to see its effect on different beers. Columbus Hops makes a great dual purpose hops. It brings both a bitterness kick to the table as well as strong dreamy aroma. Columbus brings a 14%-16% alpha acid rating to the table, making it ideal for laying the bitter foundation for Pale Ales, India Pale Ales, Stouts, and anything Imperial. In the same capacity this variety is commonly used for late-boil or dry hopping for its herbal, earthy character. The aroma is pleasing and citrus notes may be found in fresh batches. The oil content within Columbus Hops is moderate, and the essential oils are relatively balanced. It is a moderate yielder edging towards the higher side, and is grown widely in the U.S. This variety produces medium to large compact cones, and the lupulin is on the paler side of yellow. Some of the most forward looking breweries in the U.S. are using Columbus to flavor their American Style Ales.
  25. "RickBeer" post=352676 said:After a week. Sanitize blender, puree, open lid and gently pour in. Close lid. I would recommend this way - a friend brewed it up this way and the fruit flavor was MUCH more present. :chug:
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