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  1. RIP, Jim.  You will be missed.

  2. When I packaged things that looked like that, we didn't take pictures...Could've been used as evidence.
  3. You're kind of right Hoppy. I tell customers it's only as hard as you WANT it to be. However I find that life conspires to prevent you from brewing. Hell, I run a LHBS and most weeks I can't even work an HME in. That being said, I also realize I'm 60 and not anywhere near as busy as I was in my 20's thru my 40's. (my youngest graduated High School some 2 months before my 50th birthday)
  4. hello Jim!, a while back you posted something about Munton's extracts, have you tried the Cerveza extract, I was curious

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    2. Jim Johnson

      Jim Johnson

      yeah but less for me...I'd've been supporting every teenager in Cusseta.  ; )

    3. HoppySmile!


      this mash tun can be used as a fermenter as well, its 5/16" plastic HDPE food safe with all metal components stainless steel. the ss thermometer is high grade, in the photo it looked cheap. the ball lock valve is ss as well, I like the fact it has a lock on the handle so u can't accidently bump it to shut it on or off.the sparge arm hasn't arrived, but its brass and rotates.it has a sight glass, and other drilled/threaded accessory holes for different applications. I paid under 275.00 including shipping. for the price

    4. Jim Johnson
  5. I just bought 3 five gallon recipes from northern brewer website for almost 50% off, these were all grain recipes. it's only for 48 hrs special,  they claim, $20.16 per recipe, but of course yeast isn't included, so its a bit more. still a good deal considering these guys are pricey, however, ur packaging is top of the line, I have ordered frm them before and they're consistent with ingredients. hope all is well in ur brewing guru lifestyle!!!

    1. Jim Johnson

      Jim Johnson

      Those are good prices the yeast ain't going to be but 2-3 bucks each(assuming 05).  Works out to about $.38 per 12 0z bottle plus yeast.  Irony of ironies as the shopkeeper of a LHBS I have very little time for brewing, esp. AG brewing. However I think the jobs evening out I remain hopeful that after the AG class I'll be able to start brewing AG at work on Saturdays. Mostly I been brewing Muntons HMEs (http://www.muntonshomebrew.com/category/connoisseurs-range/) & (http://www.muntonshomebrew.com.au/beer-kits/muntons-gold-range.html) That gold range pilsner is good.

    2. HoppySmile!


      ive looked at the line of muntons, they got sum interesting HME's, by the way, God has blessed you! because you get to work for a home brew store!!!!

  6. As you know I run a LHBS and since Christmas I have received enough requests to carry your product that I'm comfortable putting out feelers(only need 1 more). Who do I contact?



    1. JoshR


      I PM'd you the contact info for our Sale Manager, Shawn.

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