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  1. My boss and the Manager who preceded me were the same way(use to give me a hard time). As a matter of fact my boss won't allow me to carry any MrB products, says he's been making fun of them too long to change now. Damn silly if you ask me, if I can get them coming in for the HMEs, I'll make other sales. This place is a toy store for adults, it sells it's self, all I do is answer questions.
  2. the stores here only carry the starter kit(Christmas only) no refills
  3. takes just as much work to make 1 gallon as it would to make 2. Just use the LBK
  4. In the fwiw department...I've found warm water (nice hot bath) isn't steamy enough to cause clumps on the bag and mixes easy. YMMV
  5. I would honestly suggest you try doing a couple partial mashes to "get your feet wet" so to speak. That way at least your whole brew ain't depending on how efficiently you can convert starch to sugar.(promise you it ain't going to be very efficient to start with)
  6. Make your own...say 75% dextrose 25% malto dextrin should do it. However IMHO RickBeer's suggestion would be better. Chase flavor, not ABV.
  7. I've tried to take a screenshot to send you wit win 10 ain't cooperating. Disclaimer: I don't like SA lager, so all I did was meet the requirements with equal proportions 1lb 9.6 oz of each hallertau to bitter(60 min) .5 oz 5 grams each hallertau/tettnang @ 20 min (flavor) same again @ 5 min (aroma). used Safe Lager 34/70 yeast, use 05 if you want an ale. My IBUs are 30.3, ABV 5.1. Don't know if it'll taste like a SA
  8. Yes, i.e. 2 row and Maris Otter. I worked it up in BeerSmith as a 2 gal American amber ale you can hit the numbers pretty close.(I don't monitor calories, so unknown) used .5lb 60L
  9. I find it interesting to hear that. When I started what you call the old (white) was the new(what I had) and the push button was the old. Several of the old timers bemoaned the loss of the old spigot(push Button.
  10. show the recipe...slightly confused here, you meant Crystal/Carmel 60L not Cara right? if you're going to do a 2.5 gal then .5 would be fine.
  11. Probably won't need more than an lb in a 5 gal batch
  12. Looks good, FWIW I used Melanoiden Malt instead of crystal.
  13. An Oktoberfest is just a Märzen been laagering about 6 months, wheat is not a usual malt. Having said that, go for it you never know.
  14. are you sure you got the lid back down tight?
  15. They are, and they ain't airtight. However the air part comes when you aerate the wort. However if you remove the plug from the defrost drain it is no longer airtight. Also the wires going in for the controller will break the seal.
  16. Plastic absorbs flavors, you need dedicated fermenters. You're wine will taste like beer, you're beer will taste like wine. Neither very desirable.
  17. right, old hops will impart their flavor but you're plan seems ok to me
  18. Or like I tell my customers "if the color bothers you use a stein"
  19. Do you go commando with the hops? If not IMHO you'll probably be ok, but you'll only need like half the cake. I'd wash the other half, get more yeast for the money
  20. The very reason this Buckeye is living in GA., 50 miles south of the snowline
  21. Table sugar is fine not adding enough to add any flavors.
  22. Just curious RickBeer, is there a reason not to just add it to the bottling bucket? I'll be starting down the Stout Rd in the next week or so with an Oatmeal Stout, coffee was going to be the next attempt
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