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  1. Just racked a Barleywine that needs to age, however my wife is tired of looking at my carboy in our office. I was planing on aging in a dark closet...will this be ok? Or will the dark closet cause my fermenting/aging beer to mold?
  2. Ive seen how one can make a "Mountain Brew" a kolsch made with Mountain Dew. Im wondering if one can make a Monster Energy or Rockstar beer in the same similar fashion? Next question, with all the controversy about "energy beers" is this legal to homebrew? Without being able to sell it, or hand it out (here we cannot legally leave our homes with our homebrew to give to friends) I dont really see the problem with such experiments.....Thoughts?
  3. I found an Apple Cider that is pure no preservatives, but I think the unfiltered apple juice would give it a better natural taste. It also has no preservatives and is pure, but has the vitamin C added to preserve color...also, these are 1.5 Liter jugs, so itd take 2 1/4th bottles or so maybe mix them? Or should I stay in the clear and just use the cider?
  4. Making an Apple Ale says rather than using the Apple Extract, which Ive heard can lead to a cough syrup taste, I can use 1 Gal of "unpasteurized or preservative-free pasteurized cider. Im wondering if I could use an unfiltered apple juice....says nothing is added, but lists apple juice and vitamin c as an ingredient. If vitamin c is listed on the ingredients, Im assuming it is added, will this mess up my beer?
  5. Im wanting to make a cherry stout from midwest for my next batch, but Ive heard that Cherry Extract can leave a cough-medicine taste. Has anyone tried this, or used real cherries and had any luck? Also, if I use real cherries, I heard 1 lb per gallon, and pit and freeze them b4 using and rack into your secondary...heard someone else say to blend in the blender to a puree and then and slurry to the secondary. Any help on this would be great!
  6. Ok, so Ive racked my German Bock to the carboy, and Im supposed to move it to a cool fermentation area (48-60). I was planning on using my beer fridge, but the "warmest" I can get it to is 46-47...will a couple of degrees on the cool end matter?
  7. Transferred to the carboy, I have airlock activity again....THANKS! Im going to leave for a week then move to refrigerator to lager between 36-45 degrees for 12 weeks or so
  8. I am making a German Bock, with dry yeast. Looks like my Krausen has subsided, it says to move to 48-60 degrees for 7 days before moving to 36-45 degrees for 12 weeks. My spare refrigerator I was planing on using only warms to 37 degrees. Is it ok to move to this? Or should I try my garage floor for a week. Temps around here are mid 50s at day, but drop to mid 30s at night with the occasional mid to upper 20s...
  9. It is a plastic fermenter, but the lid just rests on top, I weighted it down to help seal since it doesnt snap down, Ive checked the gasket around the airlock also....will it still be ok? Or should I transfer to the carboy? If so do I transfer the krausen too? Or do I stir it in 1st? Or just trasfer the liquid between?
  10. Im new to brewing and just made my 1st batch of lager Friday night, I used a dry yeast. Im told to put my fermenter in an area 60-65 degrees for 1-3 days before moving to my refrigerator (48-60 degrees). I have the layer of krausen, but Im worried cause I havent seen any activity in the airlock. It has lots of small bubbles clinging to the side, but I havent seen the center move or "burp". Is my wort ok? I was going to move to refrigerator tonight, should I? Or should I wait a while? Thanks in advance!
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