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  1. Thank you ALL for the advice and information.. I will post the results. Thanx again. !!!!
  2. Im a rookie brewer. I have made a few batches over the last year, and they turned out real good. I thought I might brew a Dark beer this week, and in doing so, I got this revelation ( why not add 1/2 a cup of white suger, cant hurt right??).. Well I just read on another post from a Veteran Brewer, Not to add white sugar, as it makes for a very bad batch. Great... SO, Should I toss the batch out and start over, or is 1/2 cup of sugar going to be ok this time. Im such a goof. Thank you for your input...
  3. Thank you for the info. I assume that the amounts to add per LBK are on the can?
  4. So all you brew Experts that use one or the other, which do you prefer. LME or DME?? Whats the difference etc. Does one or the other give more alcohol content or less? Taste? Any help would be great. Thanks in advance..
  5. Good morning Brewpeeps. I have been crafting Brews for a couple of years now ( off and on, mostly off). Can someone tell me what is in the 'Booster" that Mr. Beer sells? Can I make up some of my own so I dont have to pay the crazy price of 3.00 and 7.00 shipping just to raise my brew 1.3%. I dont want to sound cheap, but why cant we come up with our own ' Booster' that works? I was asked the other day, why cant you add a bit of grain alcohol to each bottle to raise the %, say 1/2 teas spoons? I think that might change the flavor too much but thought I would ask. I want a good brew taste, but would also like the % to be more than the 3.1 they claim. Any help would be great. Thank you.
  6. I just noticed that its been 3 weeks since i put my wort in the keg. Is that to long and should i throw 2 kegs worth of beer away?
  7. I just started a new batch, and thought, I bet it would be better if I stired ALL the Yeast up into the wort. Should I not do this??
  8. Thank you Fedora. I need all the help I can get with this Mr.Brew thing. Thanx for not slammin me about all the questions... Be Blessed. Officer S.Taylor
  9. I didnt want to do this.but i did.. My uncle "passed away today", and we were sitting around in the ManCave talking about life and how it slips by so fast, you know how things go.. So I said "we need to toast uncle Loren" and so without much thinking about it, i brought out 4 brews,(that werent quite ready yet) and we opened up my First batch, and had what I think was the best beer that I have had in a long time...Thank you all on Mr.Beer forums for teaching me all about home brews. I will continue to brew for many seasons. Again thank you all for answering all my silly questions about brewing and such............Heres to you uncle loren.. :cheers:
  10. Is 64* to cold to ferment at.?
  11. I have added Booster to my last two batches, hoping to increase the alc content. Then I read its better to use LME or DME. I tried to search the forum about the subject, without asking another question, as (Dont get me wrong here) One of the posters kinda jumped up my A_S for asking to many questions. Sorry about all the newbie chatter, but im trying to use the forum like I should,but its sometime hard to find the answers, while useing just the search bar.. Anyway. I want my brews to have a little more than 3.2/3.5 % alc to them,but dont want brew that tastes bad trying to get there. Any help would be great. And sorry again to the Master brewers for asking sooo many dumb questions. Scott :dry:
  12. Good day to you all. A question from mr.newbe here. I have added "Booster" to the last couple of batches and I have a problem. First of all, is adding booster going to change the flavor of my brew to the point that I wish i never added it, or will the taste be fine? Also, when I add the Booster to water ( I tried HOT the first time and COLD the second time) and stir it up before I add it to the LBK, it Always clumps together SOOOO bad, I can hardly get it to dissole, if at all. I stir and stir and still very hard to dissolve. So how do you do it? Thanx. :think:
  13. I am looking to buy a few HME's online, but the "best used by date" is 7/1/2103, Which to me means that these cans have been sitting aroung for likewhat, a year at least.. I don't want to make of batch of 'Ole skunk piss brew' and serve it to friends. So tell me what you think, and maybe how close to that date or after will be ok.
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