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  1. I tried the kit 4 times. On my last (and final) attempt, I used lactose, stopped the fermentation, and back sweetened with apple juice. And it could take off the whole hitch. Not wasting time or money on those kits again.
  2. Oh how I only wish I would have know NOT to go by the instructions to get the results I wanted. Why couldn't they have explained that (option) in the instructions ? I had thought about using the 6 quarts of apple juice, instead of the sugar in this batch. And using some lactose as suggested by some for added sweetness. I also heard that after fermentation, you could use Potassium Sorbate to kill the yeast and add apple concentrate or something to backsweeten and add flavor without further fermentation in the bottles. I guess if you do that, you won't get any carbonation. I'm not sure what to believe anymore. haha
  3. Hey Josh. I always heard that if you use corn sugar, you won't get any off flavors. I haven't had any luck with cane sugar anyway. And the cane sugar didn't make it sweet either. I didn't think it mattered about what sugar you used in fermenting, it all turns to alcohol anyway. I thought that is the whole reason I had to try and backsweeten. Can you please explain ? Thanks.
  4. Ok, I'm about to brew my last batch of Mr. Beer Hard Apple Cider. I will list what I have in my arsenal and what I'm shooting for, and let me know how you would do it. I'm shooting for a SWEET cider at around 5% ABV. What and how much of each would you use to try to achieve this ? Thanks. 1 - Mr. Beer Hard Apple Cider Kit ( 20oz Apple extract ) 6 Qts. Apple Juice 1 lb. Lactose Corn Sugar
  5. Well, I let my cider condition since the middle of Sept. Still tastes like something you would put in your vehicle to run it. I'm beginning to think the Mr.Beer instructions are wrong. Why else would it taste like nothing but alcohol ?? I'm wondering if I should add sugar to it at all, except for priming.
  6. Should I condition in the fridge or out ?
  7. Thanks AnthonyC. I'm going to use the lactose next time. I like flavor too. I just figure the more I try to do, the more chance of me screwing it up. I seem to have better luck with Stout, and I like it much better. So I think I will stick to that in the future.
  8. I opened one of my bottles (half full) after 2 1/2 weeks of carbonation, and the carbonation is good. I gave it a taste, and like usual, it tasted horrendous. I don't know if it will get much better. When I ordered the cider kits, I got 3 of them for a great deal. I have one left, and don't plan on getting any more after this. For the last batch I bought some lactose sugar. Does anyone have a recipe I could try for my "farewell" batch of cider, I'd be glad to try one. Thanks for your support everyone.
  9. When I said cut back on water, I meant replaced with apple juice instead, keeping the same volume. But since it was pasteurized, I didn't think it would get turned into alcohol. That's why I thought I still needed to add some sugar.
  10. Does this sound right to you guys ? I took the advice of MRB Josh R and used 3 Qts of pasteurized apple juice, and cut back on the water. I used a cup of sugar instead of the listed 1 1/2 cups. And of course the 3 bottles of extract. My O.G. was 1.071. Was probably taken between 75 and 80 F. My F.G. was 1.002 and was taken an hour out of the fridge. So probably around 45 to 50 F. The math I do comes out to an ABV of over 9% !! I wanna be half that. Oh well, I have one more kit to get it right, then my cider days are over.
  11. Thanks Rick. I read your post about cold crashing and propping up. It seems there's alot of worry about the sediment getting in the bottles, and people wondering if there's any yeast left for the carbonation process. It made me wonder if by putting my brew in a secondary fermenter before cold crashing, if I screwed up in any way. Because putting my brew in a (sanitized) secondary fermenter, it pretty much takes care of any chance of the trub getting in my bottles.
  12. So, do I bottle cold, or take it out of the fridge and let it get to room temp before bottling ?
  13. If you cold crash cider after fermentation, does it kill the yeast, so that carbonation doesn't happen during the conditioning period ??
  14. I fermented the last batch in the 60s. Didn't seem to do the trick. The cider instructions says between 59 and 75. I'll try to keep it around 68 to 72. That's about all I can do in this hot weather.
  15. Well, I had to throw my last batch of cider out. So now I'm starting over. I added 3 qts. of pasteurized apple juice, instead of all water to my extract. It's only been fermenting 4 days, and looks to be almost done working. Is it common to finish fermenting that quick in 68-78 F temperatures ??
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