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  1. I tend to enjoy fuller bodied beers generally a bit darker... I love Boston lager and when I can get my hands on it darker creamier beers... Not a huge fan of IPAs at least not yet. I like the smoother maltier darker beers
  2. Thanks Dag, Ill have to search and read up on the process of adding DME/LME to the basic kit
  3. No I have just the plain mexican cervezas because it came in the kit my lovely wife got me for Christmas
  4. It sat in the LBK for 2 weeks 5 days and 4 full weeks in bottles although I thikn temp control may have been an issue... not too hot ever if anything the room may have averaged a temp a little lower than the desired temp for brewing at least by the MR Beer standards my next batch will be with the MRB Mexican Cervezas and I think I will end up ading some DME... What type should I be looking for. FYI I will be ordering it from MRB for everything for the next batch because I will be moving soon so I will be starting the batch as soon as I get to the new place and Im not sure if there is a LHBS there.
  5. Whats the next most logical or best step for someone who is just going on to their second batch ever. I don't need to go all crazy scientist and end up drinking some ant piss tasting poison. lol!
  6. well to be completely honest it wasn't very good at all. If I had that beer at someone elses house I would have asked him why and where he had gotten this super bubbly tasteless girl beer because it had no body/flavor to it. Im not sure if it was a hops or a malt thing but there just wasn't much to it. granted it was a pilsner and meant to be very light but it was bland even by that standard. So I guess Im just looking for some more flavor and not sparkling beer lol. Hit me up with some tips to get some extra umph from the one of these kits. Thanks! :chug:
  7. Wow! Pulled out a bottle from my first batch that was finally to proper maturity and holy carbination Batman! It's almost like sparkling beer or champagne beer or something. I even shorted the bottling sugar a touch because I heard the numbers given in the instructions were high but it is still outrageous. Don't get me wrong my first beer is quite satisfying since I made it but not quite what I was hoping for lol. Next batch will be better for sure after I add this to my notes.
  8. I was purusing another favorite site of mine, PopSci, this morning before heading out to the job and I stumbled up this cool article about the reasons and scientific logic of skunked beer! Thought it was pretty neat to see this on a site as widely read as pop sci and thought I would just point it out here for anyone interested in reading it. http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2013-01/beersci-why-you-should-never-drink-beer-clear-glass-bottle Cheers and enjoy! :chug:
  9. yeah... I still have to get a hydrometer. I'm gonna get one after the move along with a beer wand and a second lbk.... but no worries! Hurry up and wait is our military motto
  10. Also, one more question, after I bottled my brew I inverted each bottle 3 or 4 times like it shows on the Mr Beer instructional video but the sugar was still just kinda clumped in the bottom of the bottle just hanging out there. Will the yeasties go down there and get it or was the sugar suppose to be dissolved? I tried a few adding sugar about half way through the fill and a few sugar before the brew but both ended up the same way so I wasn't too sure because I didn't want to over shake my bottles or anything. BTW I'm using the PET bottles that came with the kit if that matters.
  11. I was thinking about my newly bottled batch and reading about kegs exploding and whatnot and I was just thinking to go give my bottles a squeeze to see if I could tell the difference from when they were bottled. Then the thought accured to me.... I don't know what to really look for or if there are hints that a bottle will explode (obviously besides it being rock hard, but it should get hard anyway, right? cue that's what she said jokes). So should I be looking for any tip offs that I may have a ticking time bomb sitting in my beer waiting cupboard?
  12. Just finished up bottling my first batch (GCBP). I must say it went fairly smoothly except that I didn't quite plan properly and had to prime one bottle with brown sugar. oh well, what home brewwing without a little experimentation, eh? I made sure to mark that cap as my BS bottle lol. I put about the same about of brown sugar in that bottle as I did regular surgar in the other. Is that even close or am I gonna have to watch for a bottle bomb on that one? I'm very excited. I'm pretty sure my cold crash worked pretty well, the beer seemed very clear so fingers crossed there. I will make sure to let the Brown Sugar Bottle go for four weeks but I will most definately take one of the normal ones out at 2 weeks and one at 3 to see what its like. Cheers all, thanks for all the help and I can't wait for the time to go by lol. Unfortunately I will be moving in less than two months so I won't be able to start my next batch until I get to my new home. :think:
  13. hopefully the lil yeasties won't be to old and wrinkled to get outta bed and clean the plate.... was there some good action a couple days in and trub on the bottom?
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