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  1. :chug: :chug: Brewed American for two weeks, got sick - even an overnight in hospital and days and days of recovery. Wort finally stayed in keg for full six weeks, just knew it was a wash out. Finally got well enough to bottle, figured, "What the hell-I've waited this long...". Went ahead and sanitized, sugared, and bottled and placed in dark place for two full weeks then placed in fridge for 24hrs and tasted some of the best beer ever. Hey, it's not a Bud but it is damn good brew in a koffeequp :drinking: Now on to my second batch :charlie: p.s. My bad...bottled beer sat for four weeks in dark place, not two. I just looked in on it at 2 wks. Sorry
  2. :charlie: Thanks for all the well wishes! It looks like I'll be ready to bottle my first batch in about three or four days - soooo cool... Koffeequps can be used to drink beer too!
  3. :gulp: Hello Everyone, Just wanted to say hi and how excited I am over my brew kit I got for Christmas. I've already seen some great advice and tips on the forum this morning and will be starting my first batch in a couple of days. Looking forward to meeting some of the community as things go along. Cheers! :banana:
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