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  1. sounds good. i'd drink it on a spring day.
  2. You'll know him better than us, but will those IBUs be too high for his tastes?
  3. I wasn't calling anyone out, everyone has been great overall! And I'm in Lansing, enjoying life in the Cap City.
  4. I don't have facebook (I know, it's weird) but I brew with Mr. B in the mitten. Going to the beer festival in Jackson next weekend?
  5. I love this hobby. I love it more that I'm at the point where I can taste my work (and my mistakes, I think). Started right after christmas and have brewed several LBKs worth (including one that went right down the drain because i didn't check the spigot) and a couple of 5 gallon batches. I've done a partial mash/minimash, been to an AG brewing class and realize that isn't nearly as intimidating as I thought, and darnit just had a great time so far. Even joined a homebrew club and as the "greenist" member, holding my own in conversations based on things I've read here at community.mrbeer.com This community has been great, as has the chat room over at beerborg (especially Phil and Louie). So I just wanted to pop back in and again thank all the brewers who put up with my "noobish" questions as I figure things out along the way. So even though I can tell the noobs are sometimes only tolerated here (the oh so gentle "did you even use the search function!" nudges), in general you're all very welcoming so keep it up. and if any of you ever find yourself in Mid-Michigan, hit me up and I'll set you up with a beverage
  6. Hey Drewrasta, this isn't a GREAT option, but if there isn't one in your area, there is a homebrewer's club down here in Lansing. We only meet once a month on the weekends and they've been open to me being a Mr. Beer user.
  7. I'm dry hopping for the first time. I used irish moss to help with clarity already, but I believe cold crashing would be recommended for handling the remaining hops. This is also my first 5-gallon batch, so putting the fermentor in the fridge isn't an option. Would my 52-55 degree basement be enough for a cold crash? The only other option would be to put it in my mudroom, but in Michigan there's a chance it could get below freezing in there.
  8. Welp, its in the fermenter and the brew process went okay. I need to get some heat deflectors so I can straddle two burners and speed up the boil. As usual, thanks for the help everyone. In two weeks it's a Fat Tire extract clone!
  9. Thanks everyone, trying to keep a constant 150 is tough, and my oven doesn't go under 240F so it's like babysitting. Also, I plan on dryhopping on day 4, would you all recommend I leave them in the whole time or pull the bag out after 7 days?
  10. The owner at the LHBS assured me I could just steep the 2 row. I hope he was serious because it's already milled and packed with the crystal 50! And I am going to use about 4 gallons of water.
  11. went ahead and decided to get ready to do a 5 gallon batch tomorrow. I have the equipment now thanks to the Living Social deal. So here's what me and the owner of the LHBS came up with for a recipe. 6 lbs of Briess Pilsen LME 20 ounces of 2-row Pale 10 ounces of crystal 50-60L hop additions: 60 minute - .75 ounce of german perle 15 minute - .75 cascade at flameout - .25 of both german perle and cascade dry hop - 1 ounces of cascade leaf Thoughts? From what I've read, I think this should make a decent beer!
  12. My wife got me the same glass set...don't think she's bringing a brew kettle home anytime soon...unless i tell her its for cooking crawdads
  13. 3 LBKs, and a 6.5 gallon ale pail on the way. Also, I can set up a legitimate survey if you really wanted the data, would be easier to track than counting these independently.
  14. Wow, I just screwed up royally. I was able to get an early start on making this brew, and everything went GREAT! Until I poured the wort into the LBK and didn't realize I left the spout open, and lost it all down the drain... *sigh* At least the overall experience was a positive one, but man it stunk seeing money go down the drain!
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