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  1. Ok thanks, just wanted to make sure i didnt mess them up.. Especially after feeling some that were extremely tight to others squeezable. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Ok i am about a week and a half into my first batch being bottled. I have noticed 3 are completely hard. The other 5 are not very hard. So i took the trub bottle and put that into the fridge last thursday and opened yesterday. No carbonation and sweet.... I did not have a funnel when pouring this sugar into the bottles. I believe i got sugar on the threads of the bottle which did not let the lid seal properly i guess. Can i fix the remaining four or are they done for?? Just and FYI i picked up a funnel last night for my second batch to be primed today.
  3. LOL, i did bottle it anyways. I tasted it and it tasted like flat beer. So i figured it was ok.
  4. Toda is my third complete week in the keg. I noticed a small crystalized looking thing floating on top. Is this normal and ok? Just making sure its not growing something.
  5. Well when i really know what i am doing We will have to meet up and do some home brew swapping!!
  6. LOL, will do i just figured even in priming that the substance used would have even a small change in taste. especially the longer you let it sit. Sorry not trying to prove any of you experts wrong just rational thinking...
  7. I guess for my own purpose i am going to do all three in the priming stage. Honey, table sugar and syrup. I then will be able to see for myself if in fact there is little or no difference at all in taste.. But i do agree there is very little being added during priming. More interested in taste of beverage if added during fermentation.
  8. Would Honey or Maple syrup add flavor if you use them to prime with?? I am interested in using Maple syrup cause i have plenty. Just makes sense, its more natural no chems involved. I know cause i made it... When i get pass the novice stage and start to make my own mash i want to use syrup instead of table sugar. Has anyone tried using honey or Pure maple syrup??
  9. Just bought a second keg for fermentation on MB web site. On sale to boot!!! On ebay a guy is selling 8- 1 liter bottles caps labels and a refill kit for 25 with free shipping that was a good deal. Started my brew on Wed. have a ways to go to taste my bounty and im already hook'd!!!
  10. Any one make a Blue Moon clone from the ingredients MB sells?
  11. I am from south central PA. Bedford County. Newbie brewer looking forward to many batches.
  12. I have a hydrometer for making maple syrup, do you know the range for beer that the hydro. should float at?
  13. I am new to beer brewing, however my passion is making maple syrup. SO the science end and patience i do have. I want to make a few runs of like the instructions say then move on to making different recipes and larger quantities. I look forward to talking with some of you experienced brewers!! Thanks in advance for all the great info and help!
  14. I Opened up my brew kit Christmas day, Many thanks to my wonderful wife!! I read the instructions and watched the DVD and went online then, started my very own run. I do have to say thanks to all that have very helpful information on what to and not to do. Only question i have is can i let it ferment too long in the keg? It says 3 weeks max but what if its done at 14 days and i let it go another week due to inexperience? Is it then ruined?
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