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  1. Hi, I've been brewing for a while now and am wanting to try adding different type of hops to some of the basic recipes. I have a batch of Jamaica Mon and a batch of Deluxe Patriot Ale that I can experiment with. What hops could I add either of those recipes to change things up? Cascade, Centenniel, Columbus...
  2. Where does it clearly state to leave it in the fermenter?
  3. Just tasted some of the Jamaica Mon I brewed 7 weeks ago and wow. Just awesome.
  4. Just started drinking this batch and I happy to say that its pretty good after all. I'll let the rest age a bit more and enjoy them in due time.
  5. Meant to say that I was careful NOT to disturb the trub.
  6. I did pour it out of the 1 liter pet before drinking. I was careful not to disturb the trub and did leave the some wort in the LBK.
  7. My Oktoberfest is ready to drink but still has a yeasty aftertaste. I had this batch on 12/25 and bottled after 16 days in the LBK. It spent 2 weeks bottled at room temp and the rest of the time in the fridge. Will the after-taste go away with time? I
  8. i think I'llmake my next batch the Diablo IPA.
  9. I've started into my first batch and I noticed the same. I also am quite satifified with the taste of my first batch. Can't wait to bre wna ddrink more!
  10. Wow, incredibly informative post! When the student is ready, the teacher will appear...
  11. I brewed the Oval Office honey amber last night and left the muslin bag with the hops in the wort when I transferred it to the LBK. Is that correct? Thanks!
  12. Can't wait to get there myself.
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