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  1. "Monsteroyd" post=362036 said:I like lite beers, I do not like IPA, or sierra nevada etc. They have a terrible after taste to me. What is it about IPA vs lite beers that I like? What you probably do not like in the IPAs are the higher hop profiles, or bitterness levels, they have. I did not like IPAs before, but I have developed a great appreciation for them. I actually plan to brew one for myself sometime in the near future. IPAs tend to have their IBUs in the range of 40-100+, depending on the style of IPA. The Classic American Light has an approximate IBU level of 11 - major difference - and most likely the reason you prefer something similar to the Classic American Light. "Monsteroyd" post=362036 said:So for my next batch I got a pack of LME to add to the CAL HME. I also have a pack of booster, so my question is should I add the LME or the booster based on what I like? As Jim Johnson said, the LME will have some effect on the flavor profile of the beer. Plain booster will, as stated, not change the flavor profile but give the ABV a "boost." I would doubt that the LME will change the flavor so much that it will be undesirable to drink (what kind of LME did you purchase?), but if you want to maintain the current flavor of the CAL HME, I would just stick with the Booster. "Monsteroyd" post=362036 said:Last question. I have noticed that some of the recipes on Mr Beer warn about the LBK overflowing. What exactly is the cause of that? Is it the total amount of malt? As a hypothetical, what if I added a CAL HME, a LME, and a booster? Is that going to explode? or over flow? Overflowing is nothing to worry about - in my opinion - just a byproduct of the yeast doing their job in a brew with a lot of food! If you want to be safe, or to protect the surface your LBK is sitting on, pick up an aluminum foil turkey pan from your local grocery store and put the LBK in it during the fermentation period - this will contain any overflow from leaking out onto any surface you may not want it to get on.
  2. "HazardousBrewer" post=350598 said:I need to play around with this more before and really learn it. That's The Key! Keep Playing Around With It And You Will Find Yourself In Awe Of How Extensive The Program Is!
  3. What temperature is your wort at currently? I used the WLP005 for a LBK sized batch this past weekend and, per the vial label, had to hold the temp at 70-75 degrees until signs of fermentation started showing, and then pull the temp back to the optimal range (WLP005's range is 65-70 deg). Does the WLP004 have similar directions (I am using this for my next brew)?
  4. I agree, throw one in the fridge and note how it taste. I threw one of mine in the fridge this past Monday that is approximately 5 weeks in the bottle.
  5. "BlackDuck" post=350384 said: Here's how I plan to use it: I'll write the recipe and when I have everything finalized I will then copy to the Brew Log. Then any actual data like measured OG, any batch notes, etc. will be entered into the copy in the Brew Log folder. The original recipe will be stored in the "My Recipes" folder so I can go back to that to make comparisons and/or brew again at a later date. I use it very similar to this... basically the brew log gives a record of a recipe that I worked on and brewed and allows me to modify the recipe, if needed, without losing a record of the previous version.
  6. "m3n00b" post=350381 said: "dond427" post=350361 said:The vials are for 5 gallons, I beleive. I am prepping a 2.5 gallon batch. That really depends on OG but this looks like it's 1.036 so you might be fine. 3.4%abv +1 throw the whole vial in. You will be fine, and this is my plan for the Irish Red I am doing for the Recipe Collaboration.
  7. "m3n00b" post=349900 said: "tmac5454" post=349898 said: "m3n00b" post=349826 said: I cut them up, crushed them, boiled them for 4 minutes then transferred the boiled water/beans to the primary. Hopefully that didn't ruin anything. Those buggers are expensive! $13 for two. Wow $13! I think mine were 4 for $10, still quite expensive, but not as steep as you paid! I was planning on going to trader joes but they are discontinued there. Went to albertsons as I was in a hurry. Where'd you get yours? At my LHBS... I have to check when I get home but I think they are from LD Carlson... I also have a link somewhere that you can buy a pound of them for anywhere $26-75, I'll have to see if I can find it again
  8. "m3n00b" post=349826 said: I cut them up, crushed them, boiled them for 4 minutes then transferred the boiled water/beans to the primary. Hopefully that didn't ruin anything. Those buggers are expensive! $13 for two. Wow $13! I think mine were 4 for $10, still quite expensive, but not as steep as you paid!
  9. The wort, according to my notes, had a "sweet" taste upfront with a slight bitter bite at the end. I think I will enjoy this brew once it has been fully conditioned. My biggest worry, at this point, is my fermentation temp. Before I brewed it this past weekend, I ran some tests with my LBK full of water to monitor temp and adjust the garage's heat to hit the optimum temp inside the LBK and everything went fine. Unfortunately we had a spell of warm weather and I am in a mad race to drive the temps down (pitched at 68 degs and 24 hours later the thermometer was reading 75!), but I think, with SWMBO's help that the temps may have stabilized where I wanted them to be at. We shall see! How did/do you plan to utilize the vanilla beans in your recipe? For this run of my recipe, I believe I will be soaking them in bottle of bourbon (small amount) and putting that into the fermenter/secondary about a week in.
  10. I don't have any personal experience but if it were me, I would bottle it... from what I have gathered, you should be fine although it might take a bit of extra conditioning time. I am sure someone else, who can speak from experience, will chime in (they are good about that stuff around here). But as it is said.. Relax, Don't worry, Have a Home brew! By the way Welcome!! This site is a great place for information...be sure to check out the stickies in the sub-forums! And congrats on the baby boy!
  11. Welcome to the addiction!
  12. "sluggo" post=344994 said:RECIPE INCLUDES: 1 Can St. Patrick's Irish Stout HME 1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast (under lid of HME) 1 BrewMax LME Softpack - Robust 1 Packet Safale S-04 Dry Ale Yeast 1 Pouch Booster™ 1 Packet No-Rinse Cleanser Personally, I would use 1 Lb of Extra Light DME and do a 45 minute hops boil with 1/2 ounce of Fuggles. According to qBrew this combination (DME instead of the Booster) would give you: Est OG: 1.062 Est FG: 1.015 IBUs: 51 SRM: 50* ABV: 6.0%
  13. Personally, I would find the cheapest kit that comes with the bottling system. Don't be afraid to look at a lot of websites such as Craigslist, eBay, or Amazon. Craigslist and eBay are especially nice considering there are a lot of people who wanted to give this a try and didn't like it or got it as a gift and had no interest in it. Most times, at least what some of my searches have found (moreso on Craigslist), is that you could get the kit cheaper than it is offered on the website. In enough time, you will start collecting more and more tools including a hydrometer and sample tube, additional bottles, scale, hop sacks, bottle capper, etc. etc. (ask me how I know ). And as it has been said, the second you get your kit, come back here and read, read, read. The information on this forum is much more worthwhile than what is given to you in the box. BTW, Welcome!
  14. I plan on opening one of mine at the 6 week mark (currently at 4), 7 week mark, and 8 week mark.
  15. Packerduf - Thank you for the extended information. I think I am going to go back to the drawing pad a bit and use your advice to properly adjust what I have or alter the recipe all together. "Manowarfan1" post=343234 said:Not sure what good this will do you but there may be something of use in there for ya To me, any information is good information. We had chosen to be surprised regarding the sex of our child, so I had scratched up some rough recipe ideas before - chocolate for a girl and vanilla for a boy - but I never thought of combining them! That sounds like such a delicious recipe. I may have to consider trying something similar on the next batch! Did the 1/4 pound of Black Patent give you any issues, that you have noticed yet? "Connie" post=343238 said:I can't help on the recipe but I do want to say CONGRATS on the little one Thanks! It really is a great experience!
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