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  1. Need to start brewing again!

  2. I couldn't wait...tried one early. I should of listened. Good thing I bottled a few half liters. I will definitely let it go another 3 weeks and do the recommended 6 week conditioning. At 3 weeks it was not quite what I was hoping for....
  3. Well I have to say this turned out great. I'm thinking I may have to make this one again!
  4. How long did you let your Hefé ferment? Follow the standard 3 week rule? This is the first one that I have had to clean the lid and some minor overflow on it, more than once. I'm guessing liquid yeast is a lot more active then the normal packets.
  5. So...another question. Since you don't use the yeast that comes with the can...what can I use it for, or what would it go with?
  6. Thank you both for you input. DadsBrew that looks delicious!
  7. I did get a couple spring seasonals, but I'm really thinking of starting this one first. I have only done a few recipes and looking forward to try this one. First time using liquid yeast and hops. Any tips especially with the liquid yeast or fermentation temp?
  8. Thanks everyone for all the tips. I bottled the cherry wheat on Tuesday, and luckily my new mr beer order was waiting with the bottling wand. I'll post how it turned out!
  9. Had this marked on my calendar and just ordered 2 myself. Surprised, I think they released it early. Sounds awesome to me. :chug:
  10. I think I may brew up the Cherry Wheat recipe this weekend. Any recommendations or tips? I have done some searches and have seen some people recommend opening the LBK and adding the cherry puree after it has been fermenting for a week or two. What about adding cherry extract also or will that be too overpowering? Thanks!
  11. I ended up making this batch with the zest and juice of two lemons. Now its the waiting game. Thanks for your input!
  12. So far so good with home brewing. Just about finished drinking my first batch (bewitched) with 2 more conditioning and diablo ipa fermenting. My question is about beach babe blonde. Is it possible to substitute the lime zest and juice for either lemon or orange? Would this throw off the recipe? Any recommendations or should I stick to the recipe with lime? I am slowly trying to get a little bit more technical with home brewing but don't want to mess up a whole batch.
  13. Assimilation accepted! Currently it is sitting pretty right around 65. Started it Jan 1st. I don't have a hydrometer yet. I'm planning to make an order for a second LBK soon, is that a recommended purchase??
  14. I am yet another husband that got a Mr. Beer kit from his wife for Christmas. Anyways I am fermenting bewitched amber ale and was wondering what is the recommended temperature for doing this? I have seen ranges all over the place. What I have read on the forums is that you don't want to always follow the included instructions for times and temps.
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