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  1. He asked about boiling an LME for 60 minutes. I'd like to know that too.... If I put an ounce of Chinook in the LME of the patriot lager and boil that for 60 minutes, will that be good?
  2. So I'd boil the water as instructed...add my Patriot Lager LME into the water and stir....then add the hops and let it boil in there for a while?
  3. Hey guys, Just curious. I want to make the patriot lager a little more bitter/hoppy. Is it possible to add some dry hops to it? I'm thinking the chinook? Anyway, if this is ok, would I boil the hops first in the water, strain the sack, and then add my LME to create the wort? Thanks in advance! Kyle
  4. I know that there are many different kinds of hops, but do they generally have the same names at different places? Like "oh I want to get a floral one, I should get the ---- hop" I plan on going to the home brew store later to get a pack of pellets but I have no idea how to look for the right kind. I want to make the patriot lager as close to a sam adams as I can.
  5. "haerbob3" post=329030 said:First of what is your goal from adding hops? Bittering, Aroma, Taste, or all of the above. The use determines the hop. My advice to you right know is to buy the advanced kits from MR B. Right now you need to focus on getting the basics down before doing recipe modifications. Using MR B products will give you more opportunities to brew before stepping up to larger batch sizes When you say buy the advanced kits from MRB, are you referring to the Recipes? Sorry, I'm confused.
  6. Hi everyone, OK so I've made around three batches of beer with the MrBeer fermenting kit and I wanted to try doing the patriot lager next. My question is, based on the fact ive read that it's not very hoppy, is is possible to add a packet of dry hops to the batch? If I go to my homebrew store and get a pack of hops is it as easy as boiling it with the LME? I'm considering this to be my next "step" in the learning process. Or should I just get a big homebrew 5 gallon kit now?
  7. Hey guys So I put my first batch into the fridge today for conditioning and I was wondering a couple things: Is it a good idea to turn it upside down and upright back and forth like when adding the sugar during bottling? I turned one bottle upside down and there was some stuff coming up from the bottom, is that normal? Thanks in advance everyone!
  8. Thanks guys.... ::heart rate dropping back to normal::
  9. "Brian1179" post=309310 said:how long ago did you put it away?, if it was just a few minutes, go ahead and stir it up the put it where it will stay between 68 degrees F and 72 degrees F. leave it there for 3 weeks then bottle. EDIT: 9 hours????? wow, never mind just let it go for 3 weeks do NOT stir now, do NOT shake. after 3 weeks just bottle and let it sit for 4 weeks at room temp. then put one, two or three in the fridge a day to a week before drinking You're making it sound like I screwed up. Should I start again with something else?
  10. Is this bad? I'm nervous that I just screwed everything up. It's my first time... I filled it with the water to the 4 quarts....boiled the malt and added that....filled up the rest with the water as written..... one problem though, I forgot to "stir vigorously" before I added the yeast. :dry:
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