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  1. I made the same recipe and used the 8 oz. called for. I'd stick with the 8 ounces. The recipe was formulated and tested with that amount. Now is not the time to experiment. Brew it, condition it and taste it and build from there.
  2. The plastic bottles should be ok just be to prime according to the directions. You don't want any bombs going off after al that hard work.
  3. I had the same issue with liquid yeast I ordered from Mr. Beer. It took a solid 24 hours fro the packet to swell solid. I think in the direction it says to smack the packet a day in advance anyway. I guess with it just more waiting for the beer.
  4. I just order 2 batches chocolate maple porter that should be here on Monday. it will be my first all grain. I've read the recipe several time in anticipation. I'm going to ferment in my Mr. beer keg as I did order 2 batches. Just as a side note...what does everyone do with their spent grains after the boil?
  5. The list is staggering! Barleywines, oatmeal stouts, imperial pilsners! Is it payday yet?
  6. Their release schedule seems to be slow. By the time the summer seasonal is released we will be drinking by October.
  7. Hey, RickBeer isn't the normal beer inspector!
  8. I hope your brews come out the way you're dreaming they will.
  9. Big T, I brewed your recipe and today was my first taste. This is the best Mr. Beer I've had so far. Great hoppy flavor and mellow. Thanks for the post!
  10. The Belgian Blanc is up for me next. After reading everyones thoughts, i'm really excited.
  11. I received the brewing with Mr. Beer book when I ordered my El Diablo Blanco IPA and it has recipes in it using the old archers hard recipes. The Caramel Apple Cider sounds great. 1 can Hard Cider (Or 2 Gallons Apple Cider) 1 can Wheat UME (Or maybe 1 lb. Light DME) 2 Cups light brown sugar 1 cup white sugar 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice Or their Toutle River Tart that calls for 1 can of tart red cherries, 1 1/2 cups white sugar and 2 cup honey.
  12. I ordered the El Diablo Blanco White IPA that comes with 1.5 oz of falconers flight hops for a 15 minute boil. Should I dry hop with the cascade like everyone is talking about?
  13. Bananas stay fine in the refridgerator until needed. The peels turn brown from the cold air but the fruit itself will stay as ripe as when you put it in the fridge.
  14. I'm looking to brew a straight up Porter. I'm going to add 1 lb of dark malt but I'd like to change out the coopers yeast for a true porter yeast. Any suggestion of what anyone uses?
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