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  1. Ok, Ilet my brew develope carbonation for the last 4-6 weeks. Bottles are hard very little sediment in the bottom of them, I assume this is good. How long do I let them condition in the fridge before I can have a taste? It's killin' me man!! :gulp:
  2. Ok, that makes sense, Thanks. Wait another 3 wks.
  3. Just tried my first batch of brew and it seems like it doesn't have much carbonation, although I am comparing it to commercial beers. I used the correct amount of sugar let it set for 10 - 14 days then conditioned it in the fridge since last thurs. Flavor wise a like the "freshness. Just thought it would be more carbonated. Suggestions anyone?
  4. Ok, so from what i hear the 3-4 rule is pretty much the rule. That being said, how long would be or COULD be too long? Also I love the "experimental" method on opening and trying a bottle every week. You guys are awesome! Sounds like I have some "HOMEWORK" between now and bottling day.
  5. As a newbie (made my 1st batch this morning) to the brewing process, the directions state it takes 7-14 days for the fermentation process. Some brewers have said they go as long as 21. But they don't state why. Does it increase the alc. strength or does it just assure the fermenting has been completed?
  6. What will be the difference in the beer (if any) waiting 3 weeks as compared to 2. Is this just to assure the fermenting has done its thing? BTW just made my 1st batch about 20 minutes ago. Give me some opinions on using the plastic bottles versus glass? Does it change the taste.? I have ALWAYS thought that beer taste better from a glass bottle vs. a can.
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