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  1. Yep sanitized the blender!! It is pretty sour - not like Green Beer sour - but :pinch: sour. Akin to super, super dry wine. Not too hopeful on this one, but I put it in the fridge to cold crash. Will bottle and see what happens! Thanks for the advice!!
  2. I will answer what I can: Has been fermenting for 3 weeks and two days at between 66-70 degrees consistently. I do not know the brewing temps or the pitching temps as I am fairly new and have not yet invested in a thermometer that performs that function. Substituted Muttons Wheat DME (1 pound) for Booster Added poorly pureed cheerries (Oregon, cam with the recipe) 9 days ago. No other changes to the recipe.
  3. Used the Oregon cherries that come with the kit.
  4. Good morning Borg! Took the last hydro reading this morning from my "modified" Cherry Wheat (substituted wheat DME for the Booster) and all was in line. Obviously I missed the boat on the "puree'" process as it was very murky and chunky. The hydro was right in line so I was ready to cold crash. put the LBK in the fridge and decided to take a sip from the hydro tube and - BLEH :pinch: - sour, sour, sour and very acidic! YUK! I can't imagine that conditioning will save this one. It tastes like it needs a BAG of sugar to rid the brew of it's sour, acidic taste. What say the Borg - toss this one and chalk it up to a learning opportunity? Sanitize the LBK with Star San and start my Recipe Exchange Brew? Is it even woth bottling? Infection? Thanks!
  5. I just bottled 5 days ago. Gonna let it go 4 weeks, but will probably sneak a taste at 3!
  6. :shoot: I was really looking forward to this one!!! I think I may just bottle and see how they turn out - - I felt I sanitized everything to procedure! I am pretty uptight about it, but I must have missed something! Thanks for the feedback!
  7. I have had the Cowgirl Honey Light in the LBK a day shy of 3 weeks. It is the Mr Beer recipe with no modifications. Used bottled water, sanitized according to procedure, and has been fermenting between 66-70 the entire time. OG was 1.060 and for the last three days it has been 1.006. Now the question - it tastes like vinegar to me. The "beer" taste is really good, but there is a hint of vinegar. So is this normal-ish and i just need to bottle? My last two batches tasted just like flat beer, not real cidery overtone. Thanks!
  8. And. . . .nothing. The beer does not come out? This is my first reading after the wort has been in the LBK for 2+ weeks - so I guess I am wondering . . .is there some sort of "secret spy ring" technique to let the beer out? I typically use a wand when bottling so I have not encountered this before. Is the spigot faulty and just waiting to break? Advice?
  9. My deepest condolences for your loss, and prayers for your wife and family.
  10. "FrozenInTime" post=340255 said: "calledthestig" post=340141 said: "evily" post=340135 said:Happy Brewiversary!!! :chug: Couldn't come up with a better pun myself so I just quote evilly. :cheers: +100 ++100
  11. I felt like I did so good for so long without asking the newbie questions! I would like to replace the Booster in the Cherry Wheat MRB recipe, with a wheat DME. Question - how much, and how would I calculate this in the future for other brews? I and "trying" to maneuver QBrew n my Mac - but it appears to be smarter than I am? As always, thank you for your assistance! :chug:
  12. Hmmmm -I guess I could use a Wheat DME if I ordered-curious as to how much? I am still using per-packed ingredients as I increase my brewing knowledge.... A little help?
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