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  1. On Christmas day 2012, I had a big smile on my face when I opened my Mr. Beer kit. Yes!! After reading this forum for a couple of weeks, I felt ready. Jan 15 2013 I started my first batch of beer. The Classic American Light that came with the kit. I left it in the LBK for 3 full weeks. Bottled it and stored it for 3 more weeks. Then put it all in the Fridge and waited. Due to an Illness and short hospital stay, I lost my taste for any beer and wine for awhile. This did help with the desire to try one before its time. On Wednesday March 20, two full months later I opened my first bottle. It tasted great. The non-beer lovers who tasted it said, "It does taste like beer." The beer lovers who tasted it said it "Was better than I expected. What is your next batch going to be?" I am very happy with the whole process and results. My next batch will be an Oktoberfest.
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