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  1. I am into the 2nd week of conditioning my batch of Brown Eyed Girl. I took a peek at the bottles and noticed a ring around the top where the beer is level at. It is around every bottle. I have brewed the American Lager and Whose your Hefe and did not have the rings. Just curious if this is normal?
  2. "tomtravelino" post=354399 said:The Hefe turned out good, did the recipe as is fermented for 3 weeks, carb/conditioned for 3 and tested it yesterday. I had read that they are better younger so that is why I tried it at 3 weeks vs. the recommended 4. The wife was drinking a Blue Moon at the time and liked the Hefe better. Did you cold crash any, or just straight into the bottles after fermenting?
  3. "dbark" post=354486 said:As another sanitizing step take apart the wand after each use. There is a spring and a black plunger in the wand assembly. Things get stuck in between the spring and plunger. Also your spigot on the LBK comes apart as well and it's a nice hiding spot for old wort. You just wiggle the lever back and forth until it separates. Cheers. Thank you, never would have thought of or done this, but definitely will.
  4. "BigFloyd" post=354421 said: "Moddy J" post=354389 said:Thanks Floyd, will do. You're quite welcome. Star-San is great stuff. Are you in the Pittsburgh area? I'm in TX, but grew up in Monroeville. Floyd, live in VA now, but grew up in Mt. Pleasant.
  5. "ScottyP" post=354478 said:I sanitize my bottling wand when I sanitize my bottles. I have a coleman party stacker which is essentially a small flat cooler that I fill with my sanitizing solution (I use Iodophor). It's great for submerging items that need sanitized, just be sure the BW is filled with sanitizer once submerged. Duuh, thanks, totally forgot about that.
  6. Thanks Yankeedag, thats what I thought. Glad I order the extra sanitizing packets.
  7. Pretty sure I know the answer, but just want to throw it out there. I have the Mr. Beer bottling wand for the LBK. Do I need to sanitize the bottling wand prior to using it? If so, I have the sanitizing packets that you get with the kit that are good for 1 gallon. Should I just use maybe a teaspoon of it and save the rest for another time. Thanks
  8. Tom, how did the whose your hefe turn out. I bottle my next week. This beer I am excited to try out.
  9. Ordered it today. Can not wait. I will be bottling Whose your Hefe next week, so the LBK will be on stand by. Now I need to start thinking about a good retirement beer. Retire from the Navy in July after 20 years. Any suggestions are welcome.
  10. Sounds good, Looks like I will be brewing this sometime next month.
  11. Looking to try Brown Eyed Girl for my next brew in the LBK. Any reviews or suggestions for the brew. I see that it is a new batch. Just curious if anyone has tried it. Thanks fellow brewers.
  12. Whew, thank you for the good info. Had to move it to the pantry. Wife did not want her clothes smelling like sulfur.
  13. I started a new batch of Who's your Hefe, put the LBK in the bedroom closet due to recommend temps. Went into the closet on day 2 and noticed a very strong egg smell. Is this normal? When I brewed the American light that came with the kit, I had zero smell. Just hoping the smell is due to a different style of beer. Thanks fellow brewers.
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