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  1. You should be fine. Not too big of a deal to wait 4-5 weeks to bottle. Except, your fermenter won't have a fresh batch for 4-5 weeks... :dry:
  2. Sounds good. I know what you mean by the drive. I went to Austin 2 years ago, and drove it. Sure is a lot of nothing between El Paso and Austin. Unless you mean Longhorns, saw a few of those.
  3. That looks delicious Phil!! I bet it went great with the beer! It looks like you got more of a wheat beer color out of it than I did. Probably just from the extract I used being slightly darker. It looks pretty good!
  4. OK Brewbirds, you can have a free pass! Do you guys ever make it back to the area? Still about an hour and a half from Las Cruces but it's not too far away for a meetup if you ever make it back.
  5. Seems like there are a few Texas brewers here on the forum (don't worry, I don't hold it against you, even if you are Texans, you brew, so you are OK in my book!). Unfortunately you guys are all so far away. If any of the Texas brewers find their way to El Paso, I am only 2 hours from there.
  6. [attachment=14406]IMAG0535.jpg[/attachment] "haerbob3" post=389705 said:Keep us updated It is looking like a very tasty brew. When is the sample party? You wouldn't want any beer that looks like that. Would you? Pretty pleased with this one. Difficult to taste the OG sample, since it never tastes like the final product, but it was good!
  7. Just brewed this up! Turned out great. Should turn nice and citrusy and delicious. OG came in at 1.056, so just about right on!
  8. Thanks Dave! I was chatting with Phil earlier, and the possibility of dry hopping with a 1/2 oz of Centennial was discussed. Thinking about trying it.
  9. That looks tasty. And the honey malt for the hint of complexity seems like a good choice. Hope it turns out well!
  10. Alright, so I was hoping to brew today, but that may not happen due to unforeseen events. I want to brew my Silver City Sunset Amber Ale soon, so I thought I would take the delay and use it for some opinion from the :borg: . Looking to make a smooth, yet slightly bitter and hoppy amber ale, focusing on some complex citrus notes with the Falconer's Flight and Centennial hops. A bit of Mt. Hood for balance and aroma. Anyway, this may not be the "proper" recipe format, but here it is: Est. OG: 1.057 Est. FG: 1.014 ABV: 5.6% Color: 13 SRM Bitterness: 37 IBU .5 lb Crystal 40L, steeped 3 lb Amber DME .05 oz Columbus @ 60min (using up the leftovers from a previous recipe, might omit in future batches) 1/4 oz Falconer's Flight @ 25 min 1/2 oz Centennial @ 25 min 1/4 oz Falconer's Flight @ 5 1/4 oz Mt. Hood @ 5 1 Unit US-05 Edit: Forgot to mention, this is for an LBK sized batch.
  11. You may have missed your OG because you didn't convert enough on your grain steep. Next time heat your water to 160*, then put in the grains and hold for 30 mins. Good lookin recipe though, and a sweet yeasty party to boot!
  12. Don't discredit yourself in all of this Phil. You help out members on this forum often. Heck, it's pretty much all you that helped me learn how to steep grains, use qBrew, evaluate hop profiles... Heck, just about everything. You helped me make the Murican what it was. So thanks to you as well. But, you are correct, the borg is freaking awesome! Thanks everyone!
  13. Ahh, ok. Yeah, I did the 2.5 pounds because I was using a half pound for my RCE brew. You will have to let me know how it comes out with the full 3, because I might stick with that since it comes in the 3lb bags.
  14. Does it have anything to do with the length of boiling? Can you tell? Not sure if they would disintegrate more if it boiled longer, but maybe. Or, hops are mysterious creatures. Much like them pesky yeastes.
  15. "LorraineMontana" post=386339 said:I'm likin' the Borg! I'm a bit of a culinary science freak, so this has been a fun experiment. I can see it becoming addictive. Thanks for the welcome -- and for not laughing at stupid questions. Yup, super addictive. We here try not to be like other forums, we don't laugh at questions, just try to answer them and understand that sometimes brewing can be intimidating. Welcome!
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