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  1. "FedoraDave" post=323545 said:I got a bottle of Brooklyn Brewery's Black Ops for Christmas. I was planning on saving it for the Super Bowl, but since it's a bit of a ho-hum for me, I think I'll just drink from the pipeline and save the special beer for another occasion. Now I just have to find another occasion. (and no, the sun coming up is NOT another occasion!) Debatable.
  2. I look forward to establishing some semblance of a pipeline soon. Hopefully it makes the waiting a little bit more bearable. I wish I could have started another batch today since I finished bottling early enough, but I was unfortunately a little too busy. Unfortunately I won't have another free day until next Friday. Brew next Friday and 3 weeks in the LBK will align nicely with the 4 week wait on these bottles! I normally don't care for this style either. Which is why I brewed it for the first batch. The kit I got for Christmas came with the Aztec and the Czech Pilsner. I thought I would like the Pilsner better, so I figured the Aztec would be a good "learning" one, in case I screwed up I wouldn't ruin the one I wanted to drink more. Now that I have tasted it, I might actually like it! We will see in 4 weeks, but so far I think I will brew it again, but perhaps with a bit modification.
  3. So, I just got done cleaning after my first successful bottling day(hopefully, I will let you know in 4 weeks)! My first Aztec Mexican Cerveza is sitting in the closet, 6 1L PET and 6 12 oz. glass. I varied the sugar amounts a bit based on the MB recommendations and Screwy Brewer's calculator to get a feel for how I like the carb levels. A big thank you to the Borg, you guys and gals made it possible for me to enjoy this with reasonable confidence that I did it right! Also, I did sneak a taste. It was the best flat beer I have ever tasted. I think this cerveza will turn out well, I liked the flavors that came through! Hopefully the next 4 weeks go by as fast as the past 3. Another brew day next Friday should help out! :banana:
  4. I do not have a sugar measure. I thought about getting one, but I think I might just want to start batch priming. It seems easier, especially in a case of using different bottle sizes, but I just need to figure out the logistics of that.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys! And thanks for the link Mano, I know a bunch of people on here talk about Screwy's calculator often, but I could never find it. I think I am going to do most of my carbonation via Screwy's calculator, but I might try some in between that and the MB recommended amount. I have never paid much attention to carb levels in beer before so I don't really know what my preference is as far as CO2 volumes. I got my bottle capper in the mail yesterday and my bottle caps should arrive today, so I might do a mix of 1L PET and a couple of glass 12 ouncers as well.
  6. So, tomorrow is bottling day! It has been a long three weeks, but it is finally here. Just 2 questions for you guys out there.. Priming sugar, for the 1 Liter PET that came with the MB kit, what do you recommend? The magnet MB sent me says 2.5tsp, but from what I have seen from multiple other posts is that this is too much. What would your recommendation be? And also, how much for 12oz. bottles? Second, not sure if there is an answer to this one, but since it is my first bottling day is there some advice or some "don't forget" nuggets out there? Hopefully I can learn from others mistakes so I can make new ones to pass on that knowledge.
  7. Well, I knew it was npt going to taste anything resembling beer for quite some time after bottling, plus I figured if I could just wait until botting day. Its only a week away and it will be easier to take a shotglass sample at that point without the extra hassle.
  8. Well, 2 weeks in the fermenter today for my Aztec brew, and I almost gave into temptation. I checked on my LBK for the first time in a few days and noticed the brew had cleared up nicely, with only a few sporadic bubbles on the surface. Quite a nice trub layer on the bottom. One more week and its bottle time. But as for today, I had to fight the urge to draw off a small sample to taste. I admit it, the thought of a collective "We told you so" from the Borg was a major deterrent. You guys got me, I didn't give in. But while I am on the subject, what does the Aztec taste like? Does it compare to any beers out there I may have tried before?
  9. Thanks Dave. Not only did you clue me in, but you may have saved me from making some noob mistakes. I apparently have more unusable bottles than I originally thought. I will have to resume the bottle search. To the beer store!
  10. "k9dude" post=316726 said: "FrozenInTime" post=316652 said: size really doesn't matter.... LOL :banana: That is NOT what she said!!LOLOLOLOL Oh I could do this forever!!! I know you all want me too as well! I think it is what she said. Anyway, thanks for the info, I will batch prime so I can use the bottles, they are not double-lipped. These Guinness are a few years old, maybe they changed bottles more recently? Also, I was going back over my bottles, I did not notice any difference until The Hat clued me in! I found some double lipped, those are out, and I found some that are not double lipped, but aren't normal looking either. Don't know if they will work. [attachment=10320]IMAG0342.jpg[/attachment] Kind of a crappy picture, sorry about that.
  11. Hello Borg! It has been a while since I posted on here. I guess it has been a combination of being a little busy, and I am in the "dark days" of brewing. Tomorrow marks 2 weeks in the fermenter, and with still a week to go I have not had many questions and the questions I did have I found using the search feature, and most of the time I found an answer. So, on to the question I have about bottling. I recently gathered up some empty bottles to use for bottling later down the road when I get a capper. 3 of the bottles I gathered are 11.2 ounce bottles with Guinness in them. I found a previous thread which mentioned these bottles and of course they require different amounts of priming sugar. Should I consider using the bottles or just chuck them into recycling. My biggest worry would be wasting good beer to bottle bombs, so bottle priming would be out of the question because it seems too much trouble to try and put the proper amount of sugar in them if I am using mostly 12 ouncers. Would this be an issue if I batch prime? I plan on using the 1L PET bottles that came with my kit on my first batch, so I won't use glass until at least my next batch, and at that time I might be up to batch priming. Worth keeping the bottles or am I asking for trouble?
  12. Thanks for all the help, definitely some good information from the Borg. It seems like a BIAB would be the way to go based on my space and equipment limitations. I will need to learn some new information before attempting this, so definitely some more questions coming to the Borg.
  13. @Gluek Thanks for the input. I might have to pick your brain a little bit. As I am new to brewing and learning the different techniques and all it is good to have someone with some experience doing the same thing. With that, did you follow the directions exactly, or did you try BIAB. I watched a few videos on Youtube and brewerTV that made BIAB look super easy, and efficient since I really only have 1 brew pot. Anyone out there who has done BIAB, what type of bag should I use? Will just about anything work? And keep in mind, I do not have a LHBS nearby. The Hat suggested nylon paint strainers. Would these work well?
  14. Thank you to the Fedora! I had seen the acronym BIAB on here a few times and could not find what it meant. The two kits were chosen because of the small size, I don't have much more room in my house than where my LBK is. I think it did work out well, and if nothing else gives me a total of 3 gallons of fermenting capacity. MB is a great kit and I am excited about it and it actually taught me lessons to carry over into other types of brewing and helped my find the Borg, which is full of great information and people who don't look down on small batch brewing like I found on other forums. Like I said, I will probably go with MB for at least one more batch before attempting the other stuff, but its never a bad idea to start learning and planning.
  15. So, being a new brewer I think it might be bad for me to even be thinking about anything other than brewing a Mr. Beer. However, the Mr. Beer kit was not the only brewing kit I received on Christmas. Apparently my parents and my wife did not communicate when they both decided to get me brewing equipment, not that I am complaining. So my wife got me the MB kit and I started off with that to start my brewing adventures. The kit my parents got me was a 1 gal Brooklyn Brewshop kit. Has anyone here ever used one of these kits? It really did not come with much as far as instructions, and the videos on the website are not much help either. I have been reading How to Brew and I think I might be gathering up some information that could help. I think I plan on sticking with a couple batches of MB before attempting the other kit, but some knowledge of it would be great.
  16. Happy New Year everyone! I look forward to learning more about brewing from you guys in 2013, and hopefully making some good beer in the process!
  17. I have been asking friends and family to start saving me glass recappable bottles, mostly for the reason that I think 12 ounces is a good serving size, especially vs the 1 liter bottles that came with my MB. I suppose I prefer the brown bottles, but I don't know if I have a reason why. I think I have heard that the brown protects the beer better. Is this true? And in the couple weeks it takes me to gather enough bottles, would it be okay to use clear bottles or other colors?
  18. Thank you Wings. I am going to visit my sister next week, so I will be checking this store and another one out.
  19. Thank you guys for the input. Does anyone in this forum live in the El Paso/Las Cruces area? That is the closest "big" city to me, and since my sister lives in El Paso, if there is a LHBS there I can combine my visits and ingredient buying. If all else fails it does seem that most everything I could ever need is available to be shipped, but being on a bit of a budget means I can't pay for shipping if all I need is one thing. Just need to plan a bit more I suppose.
  20. I am so excited, I brewed my first batch yesterday! Aztec Cerveza, and the patience is killing me. One batch and I already have brewing fever! So, I have a question about supplies. I don't have a HBS anywhere near me. The closest one MIGHT be 2 hours away. For the things I would like to keep on hand, like no rinse sanitizer, what is the best place to get it? I suppose I can get it on amazon or some other brew stores online, but it seems like a waste to pay shipping on something like that if I can find something at a local grocery store that would work just as well. Do you have any suggestions. Also, I see that a lot of people on here use Mr Beer kits with added adjuncts, like hops and what not. Along the same lines, when I start using that sort of stuff, what is the best way to get it, and do hops save well in the refrigerator? If I can order enough for a few batches and save it, that would be great. It is quite inconvenient not having a LHBS anywhere close.
  21. Hello everyone. Just like a lot of others I have seen here, my wife got me a Mr. Beer for Christmas. I am excited to start brewing. I browsed through the forum and have seen that there are a lot of people on here with lots of experience, and I have already headed much of your advice. I look forward to learning from some pros on here and making some good beer in the process!
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