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  1. Got a blonde ale sitting waiting to boil. Hanging out if anyone wants to chat.
  2. Welcome to the forum tedstigers! We are here to help you make better beer. Learn from your mistakes and you will be a better brewer! For priming calculator try The Screwy Brewer! He has everything you would need, including qBrew. Give the site a whirl, you might be surprised at what you learn!
  3. Welcome to the forum! We are here to help you make better beer! Glad you found us so you can learn from your mistakes.
  4. Haha, another entertaining (but also educational) post from the Hat! How tight is your cooler Dave? I don't have to push the LBK to get it all the way in, but it does rub a bit. I would say the LBK does not squeeze anymore than I might have squeezed it to smell at the vents...
  5. Quite impressive setup Brewbirds! I think wider in this case may be better. I don't know how tight it will be with beer in it. Probably best not to find out.
  6. I don't know about that phil, my cat will try to sqeeze into boxes MUCH smaller than her. Eventually she ends up with one paw in it, and maybe a chin. LOL. Rick, what type of ice chest do you use? Probably going to hit Wally World in the next few days before my next batch to see if I can find a soft one that might work better than that one.
  7. Well, as it approaches 100F here in NM I am having trouble keeping my temps down. I think my last batch may have gotten too hot, and produced some fusels. In searching for a solution I found I have a cooler that the LBK barely fits into. It's a bit of a squeeze, but it fits. I don't know if there are any problems with squeezing the LBK just a bit to fit into the cooler. There is room for some frozen water bottles that should help keep temps controllable. If not, perhaps I will buy a softsided cooler from Wally World which might work better, and not take up the last bit of closet space I have. [attachment=13950]tightfit.jpg[/attachment]
  8. Not really any guidelines I can think of. Too many factors will go into conditioning time: yeast, temp, etc. You probably could tack on a week for each of the LME, but no telling until you actually try one. That is why I employ a notebook. If I crack open a beer early, I note how long it was until it was ready. I tried a wheat at 2 weeks, it wasn't ready. Noted it in the book, tried at 3, and much better, logged it.
  9. JimH


    "Jim Johnson" post=381621 said:i've had to do mine the hard way 12oz at a time :drinking: I am sorry Jim. You should not have to shoulder that burden alone
  10. Check out this video from Northern Brewer on how to BIAB. . It was very helpful when I did my BIAB. The thing about BIAB is you are basically steeping your whole grain bill in the full volume of water. You don't want to sparge, it kind of defeats the purpose of the BIAB process.
  11. Not sure if there are differences. I think it mostly has to do with the lag time from pitching to the time it takes the yeast to start active fermentation. Without rehydrating you will most likely just see an increased lag.
  12. I haven't used that specific yeast, but I would say the best bet is to follow the manufacturers directions. It is probably not necessary, the yeast will wake up and do their thing, but it may be a "slow starter" yeast, so the manufacturer suggests re hydrating. Just my $0.02 worth.
  13. A mighty fine looking brew! 8.2%, that's a hefty lady!
  14. JimH

    lager time?

    Welcome to the forum r3o! The MB instructions use the term "lager" to pretty much mean conditioning time. All the carbonating and conditioning should be done at room temperature, unless you are using a true lager yeast. Conditioning time is tricky. Some beers really do need 6-9 months or more. Some beers are ready at 2 weeks. It depends on the beer type, and the malt-adjunct ratios, etc... In the short term, consider the darker the beer and the higher the ABV the longer the conditioning time. Not a hard rule, but a guideline that will get you started.
  15. Yup, no central air. Just a wall mounted window A/C unit in the living room, and a window one in the bedroom. I need to find some sort of insulating material I can make a small enclosure with. I don't have a cooler, or even the room to store a cooler. Usually the LBK sits in a small cabinet in the kitchen. Frozen Gatorade bottles were working, last month.
  16. Yeah, it's a different color that's for sure. My big issue now is fusels. It is pretty warm here and I don't have a good setup for keeping cool. Not sure if it fermented too hot or not. I thought I detected some fusels, but I might have thought that about all my beers. Time will tell. I hope I don't have to shut down the brewery for the summer!
  17. JimH


    Also, just remember, homebrewing is about doing what YOU want. If you want to mix the HMEs, by all means, go for it and don't let us talk you out of it. It is just a bit pricey to do, and you never know what will come out. IMHO you would be better served picking up a pound of DME or LME and splitting that between two batches. Add in a hop boil and maybe some steeping grains. You can make more beer cheaper. Have you tried these beers and want to improve them?
  18. JimH


    Never done it, so I can't say one way or the other. I would say that I wouldn't mix them. If you are searching for a better beer, there are other ways, cheaper too. Mixing two HME's doesn't seem like a good idea to me.
  19. [attachment=13921]Orange.jpg[/attachment] Here is a better picture. Not sure it still looks orange, but I might be color blind :laugh: Orange Dreamcicle? Sounds like it might be an OK name. I don't have a name for this one.
  20. I saw you in there, but then you left.
  21. We understand your pain. Drink some beer, it will be okay!
  22. Don't worry Roger, I read your post, and that is why I wanted to take a sample. (Also to find out if I could bottle it) It was just really strange how dark it appeared to be. Now I know. somethingclever, DO NOT just throw in orange peel. The white part of the rind will impart a harsh bitterness to the beer. If you want to do orange, get a zester or buy it from your LHBS. I zested 1 orange then put the zest in at 10 min.
  23. I don't have a picture of the DME mashani. It was a different wheat DME than most people seem to use. It was Munton's and it was I think 55% Barley, 45% wheat. I guess the beer isn't as dark as it appeared in the fermenter. I drew a sample, and other than the splurge of trub I got in the glass, it isn't as dark as I thought. But I may have let it ferment too hot. [attachment=13903]sample.jpg[/attachment]
  24. How bitter do you want your IPA, and what flavor are you looking for? Do you have a store bought IPA you would like to compare to for bitterness/flavor? If you want around 50 IBU, and a nice citrusy flavor and aroma you could try 1/4 oz Magnum @ 60 1/4 oz Columbus @ 30 1/4 oz Cascade @ 15 1/4 oz Cascade @ 5 and +1 docpd on a dry hop to really bring the aroma.
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