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  1. Check out this thread courtesy of The Nong. It will get you started with some basic recipes.
  2. "manosteel9423" post=380653 said:Thanks guys. Not too worried about carbonation. I added more yeast at bottling, so it should carb with no problems. The one bonus was, even though my spice bag had broken and the spices all went in commando, this might have been the clearest beer I've ever bottled!! LMAO! Take the positives in life! It is certainly a learning experience!
  3. Tough break Mano. Sorry to hear about it. Hopefully you can bottle it up and still get carbed beer.
  4. I haven't tasted a sample yet. It's been fermenting for 14 days, contemplating taking a sample tomorrow and maybe bottling if it's good to go. I didn't see any scorch marks, but maybe there were some clumps of DME, although I did take extra time to stir it up really well to avoid that. I might take a sample off and take a picture to post here.
  5. I am thinking the DME might be a little old. No telling how long it was at the LHBS before I bought it. I just was not expecting THIS dark. It is quite interesting.
  6. 1/2 lb of the DME for 20 min. It was the same DME that made my wheat a little dark.
  7. So, about 2 weeks ago I brewed up a recipe I created during the RCE. Canadian Blonde HME, 1/2 lb of wheat DME, 1/2 oz. Mt. Hood hops, and orange peel. I have been checking on the beer, and it is super dark. I can hardly get a flashlight light to shine into the beer. A little worried, this beer should not be as dark as a porter. It doesn't smell like infection. It's pretty perplexing, I don't know where I went wrong.
  8. "SelfFueled" post=380495 said:Thanks for all the warm welcomes!!! I guess I had a question come to mind... The carb and condition, from what I have read so far, the longer the better. (min 4 week or so) BUT, is there such thing as too long? Would it just be for some brews? I did read to only fridge what you are wanting to drink in the next few days, so does that mean that they can sit bottled for a year? And would this be for any brew or what could you not do this with? Welcome to the forum and the obsession! Don't be afraid to ask questions, there are more than enough knowledgeable and friendly people here to help you make better beer! Patience is your friend in brewing, and the longer in the bottle is usually better, but it does depend on the beer. 4 weeks is a pretty good guideline. It can be much longer for other beers. Porters and stouts probably need a little longer, barleywines out to a year or so (never brewed one, so I can't speak on experience there). My wheat beer was good to go at 3 weeks, and wheats are generally better young. Have patience, and as the hat said, take notes. You will learn when your beers are drinkable to you and how they age. You could probably keep them for a year or so, none of mine last more than 2-3 months, so I don't know for sure
  9. "haerbob3" post=380549 said:AMEN!! Also do not for get the the cat hair & whiskers :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: That last part is the most vital! Leave the smack pack at room temperature so the yeast can begin to grow nice and healthy before you pitch.
  10. The question you need to ask yourself is: what do you want out of the yeast? If you are like me, I don't like the banana and clove flavors in wheat beer. Can't stand it! That is why I went with US-05 in my wheat beer. If you want the banana and clove, then choose a yeast strand that will give it to you. Looks like some other :borg: members have given you good suggestions on yeast strains. I suggest you look at those and determine if any of those give you the desired characteristic you want in your beer.
  11. Welcome to the forum sgilb1122! So, six weeks did not hurt your beer, and too much yeast is not a problem. The beer foamed because you added the sugar to the beer. When you bottle, put the sugar in the bottle first, then put the beer on top of the sugar.
  12. Not much to add, but no one has said it yet. Relax, Don't Worry, Have a Homebrew! It is a little weird that you didn't have much of a Krausen, but it certainly does not mean your beer is ruined. Don't mess with it, just ride it out, and it will be beer. Oh, and welcome to the forum!
  13. My current beer using MB fromunda yeast had a slight sulfur smell to it. You should be fine! but you probably should not be taking the lid off the LBK either.
  14. Planning on doing another 1 gallon batch of the cider. The first one went over really well, and it was delicious. Still have a few bottles, but I want to try and get this in before it gets too hot here in the desert. A slight modification for a different taste, gonna try an apple cherry cider. It might turn out good. ~1gallon water 1 can apple juice concentrate 1 can apple cherry juice concentrate 1/4 lb lactose 1/2 sugar 1 pack champagne yeast
  15. Boil for 22 minutes for maximum flavor. You should be okay with that.
  16. Looks pretty dang good!
  17. These cans are best before early 2010 but they look good, but the yeast might be a stretch.
  18. First, I have a few questions, and I am not trying to dissuade you from doing what you want, because most of all, that is what homebrewing is all about. Have you had the recipe strait up before? How do you know you want more "bite?" Also, what do you mean by "bite?" Do you want more bitterness? More flavor? More aroma? If you wanted to boil the hops and get something out of it it would depend on what you want for how long you boil. The longer you boil, the more IBU.
  19. Thanks Rick, that has way more recipes than the book of recipes I have. And I may skip the booster, I have read some bad things here on the forum.
  20. No problem T8r. I don't have any experience with the old stuff, since I am still pretty new altogether. So, maybe the HCCD+booster would make a good beer. Then the old stuff used 2 cans for "deluxe" recipes if I am not mistaken, so I can use 2 cans for one 2.5 gallon batch?
  21. Always put the sugar in the bottle first. If you put it in after the beer you will cause it to foam and make a huge mess.
  22. I just got some old MB stuff from a friend. Mostly I bought from him 32 of the 16 oz swingtop bottles, and 20 of the 12 ouncers. Along with that came some of the old MB HMEs. I plan on using new yeast, but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for the following: 1 can High Country Canadian Draft 2 cans Witty Monk Witbier 4 cans Black Tower Porter 1 pouch booster (which felt pretty clumpy, and I don't know if it's good anymore) Any suggestions?
  23. "eboucher30" post=377493 said:She's a bute! Conrgats.... recipe? The name is a link to the post where I put the recipe. Thanks guys. It was a great experience and I am happy! FF might be my new favorite hop! Using what I didn't in this recipe in my Amber Ale. Hopefully it works as well!
  24. Should be good! We didn't come up with a name, but I am thinking something along Canadian Moon, since its a Canadian blonde, but the wheat and orange peel is reminiscent of a Blue Moon. Actually that name kinda sucks.
  25. I couldn't take the waiting anymore, so even though it was young at only 2 weeks in the bottle, I snuck a taste of my first original recipe 'Murican Wheat Ale! It was absolutely delicious! It came out exactly how I wanted. A little more bitter for a wheat beer than you would expect, but with great grapefruit aroma and flavor from the Falconer's Flight hops. SWMBO liked it, and even her non-beer liking friend said she liked it. [attachment=13668]MuricanWheat1.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=13669]MuricanWheat2.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=13670]MuricanWheat3.jpg[/attachment] She was a little dark, but that's okay. Great head and pretty decent head retention. The lacing on the glass was an added bonus. I am pretty excited about this beer. It represents every reason why I wanted to get into homebrewing: To make what I like to drink, make a good beer, and a did what I wanted even though my hop selection was not typical to wheat beer style! :gulp: Edit: Sorry for the quality of the pictures.
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