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  1. After a couple weeks of being busy I finally was able to brew today! :banana: The RCE was long ago, but both Tim (OUDrank12) and I had other brews planned out, and for various reasons, I just got around to it today! The recipe was pretty simple, but should make for a nice easy summer drinking beer. 1 can Mr. Beer Canadian Blonde HME 1/2 lb. Wheat DME 1/2 oz. Mt. Hood hops for 20 min 12 grams Navel Orange peel for 10 Fromunda Yeast.
  2. It looks really good, I will moniter how this turns out, I have a can of CAL I don't know what to do with yet. From my understanding the CAL for some reason needs a long conditioning time, which will only lengthen with the addition of the booster and honey. Good looking recipe though!
  3. Finally, looks like a fantastic beer, certainly worth the trouble the picture caused you!
  4. The Screwy Brewer allows you to input for all different types of bottle sizes, and even batch priming. For 12 oz. I use 1/2 teaspoon.
  5. It is not necessarily that the craft community completely shuns adjuncts, just you have to be careful. Sugar, in any form, will add ABV. Some newer brewers chase the ABV and add sugar to up the ante. This can have deleterious effects on your brew, most notably a cidery taste which will take some time to condition out. So, where does that leave sugar? It does have its place in brewing. In this case the small amount will not outweigh the malt. I don't have the specifics, but you must be aware of malt to adjunct ratios. Again, it won't be a concern in this recipe due to the small amount of sugar, and also the massive amount of malt the two cans of malt will give you. The brown sugar will also provide a small amount of flavoring that is not fermentable. As long as you understand the adjunts and the purposes, they are fine.
  6. It might be a good idea. But don't worry, when you are ready for hop boils and recipe modifications, we are here and willing to help you make better beer.
  7. Looks like you are on track!
  8. "Beer-lord" post=376308 said:I'm thinking you should visit a jewelry store or flower shop soon. And, if you're insurance is not paid up, catch up. +1000. You don't want the brewery to end up out the window...
  9. Good luck keeping that thing SWMBO warned you about, LOL! Unfortunately this Friday has been boring. I was gonna brew, but had some other little things come up.
  10. This looks tasty. Let me know how it works out. I might need to give this a try.
  11. Looking at the chart on the Screwy calc, for a pale ale look for around 1.5-2.3 volumes. Using a baseline of 2, and a 2.5 gallon batch, 10.7 teaspoons. Round up to 11, you will be okay.
  12. The Screwy calc has a chart based on your style of beer. I would look at a pale ale and carb to that. Also, I say just use regular sugar. There is no real difference in corn sugar and table sugar, other than price.
  13. What do you want out of the recipe? It may be hard since you haven't had the recipe before, but are you looking for more hop flavor? More aroma? Or more bitterness? You could boil the hops to give you what you are looking for.
  14. Well, I know its hard to judge it so early, but do you think you got what you wanted from the honey malt? I think I will try this recipe out, with perhaps the extract mods we discussed the other day.
  15. Just one packet of yeast is sufficient, and two different strains is not a good idea. As far as what I am planning is probably around 1/2 pound of a light/golden DME with a 20-30 min boil with some Falconer's. I like what I got out of FF in my wheat, and the base malt in the CAL might give a good platform for the hops. Haven't figured the hard details, just an idea Phil and I threw around. If you wanted to do a hop boil you could do it with the saaz.
  16. I would say you would want to bump it up a notch. If you get too close to 32F you could freeze the water out of solution. When you bottle you will probably have problems with consistency. Although, it would probably be a higher ABV the first few bottles! But if the ice melts back into solution, you would water down the other half...
  17. "yankeedag" post=375603 said:SPS is not a large foam maker. Just look at the bottom and see if the trub is forming. The initial input for that dry yeast won't mind the cold that much, as it warms up, it will kick in. +1. Not all beers will have a krausen, some will have small ones. You are fine and making beer as long as there is trub at the bottom. The temp is fine, you will be okay. You probably didn't kill the yeast, it will be fine as long as you don't freeze it.
  18. Hi Jack, welcome to the forum! We are here to help you make better beer! I am not.sure what would have caused the leak, other than possibly under tightening, or the gasket installed backward. Just be careful, DO NOT overtighten the spigot! It may cause the spigot to break. I would suggest putting the spigot on, and barely tighten it. Fill the LBK with water and let it leak. Tighen the nut no more than 1/4 of a turn and wait a minute or two, then repeat until it stops leaking. Taking this time will prevent over tightening, which is worse than under tightening
  19. Falconer's get my vote. I put them in my wheat beer. They come as advertised. Grapefruit aroma and flavor gave me exactly what I was looking for. I don't know how to link to it, but search for my recipe, the thread is called 'Murican Wheat Ale.
  20. No dents, I think all is good. I think the guy tried to make "wine" in the LBK. Meaning grape juice. No yeast, no sanitizing. Just natural "fermentation." Quite moldy on the inside.
  21. My biggest worry would be what the sun would do to the hme. It must get super hot inside the metal can.
  22. Think I will go for it. Anyone have a good recipe with the CAL?
  23. T8r gave me the Patience, Sanitization, SWMBO post when I joined. From other posts I know about sanitizing and patience, but could not for the life of me figure out that SWMBO thing. Then I Googled it, and it made sense. And yes, SWMBO. If I didn't heed that one, I wouldn't be brewing and Borging today!
  24. Hey Borg! Been a while since I been around, but I am back! So, I was cleaning up the yard of the rental property my Grandma owns following an eviction of the tenant living there. As I was picking up trash I came across a Mr. Beer kit! Sparing the details of the inside of the now unusable LBK that would make us cry, not knowing how anyone could do that to a fermemtor, I did find an unopened and unexpired can of Classic American Light and some Sanitizer, as well as some new bottle caps. I left everything else because I wasn't sure what he used it for. Since the LBK was obviously used for something other than the CAL that came with the kit, I didn't want to risk it. So, the question is, the can of CAL was sitting in the box, but it was outside in the sun for who knows how long. It's not bulging, and I would probably use new yeast, but I am thinking the CAL is still good to use?
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