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  1. Just maybe if your beer is any good you can convince me to switch after 35 years lol.
  2. I will surely be giving Gentiles a try. I have been wanting to branch out and get away from the kits, and try my hand at brewing from scratch. Thank you guys for the good info.
  3. OK, maybe we could plan a quarterly meeting/brewing, or what ever works out that we all have the time to do. If there is anyone else on this board who would be interested in joining a homebrew club if one was to start up in Central Ohio and be central to Mr Beer users feel free to jump in, or PM me. We are trying to see how much interest there is in something like this.
  4. RickBeer, You're partially correct. Although I live within spitting (or vomiting) distance of them, I am not a fan of them! You sir have the hat which I wear proudly lol. Right along with my Steelers hat!!!
  5. I think if we could get a couple more members we could make it happen. Maybe have slated meetings on say the 3rd Wednesday of every month or so. Rotate the location and just get as many people as we can for a get together and brew and share?
  6. I am also from Central Ohio and would love to form a local brewing club with anyone interested. I am about 20 miles west of Columbus and work pretty close. Anybody else interested? Feel free to send me a message, or post here. Let's try to set something up.
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