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  1. The big tap in is in Youngstown. It's tonight tho.
  2. Thanks!! That site helped. It tells me .5 tsp.
  3. How much priming sugar should I use for a 12oz bottle?
  4. I'm brewing the shameless stout Friday. Has anyone Brewed this yet? Any suggestions? :stout:
  5. Will rack it to one of my lbks for a sencondary in 3 weeks. I realized I had qbrew set wrong. Updated the file. [attachment=10520]image.jpg[/attachment] :cheers:
  6. Qbrew gives me a 1.090 og and 1.023 fg ill see what I get when I brew it.
  7. Yes I use qbrew. I'm using 11 g of Nottingham ale yeast.
  8. It's a 2.5 gallon batch. Iv been reading as much info As I can find. Any tips would be nice tho.
  9. Friday's have become my brewing day so here's what I'm brewing tonight.. 2.5 gallon batch under my kilt wee strong strong scotch ale 0.50lb crystal 40l 0.12lb british chocolate malt 3.00lb amber dme 0.75lb dark brown sugar 1.00oz fuggles 45 min hop boil 1.0 ale yeast this will be my first go at steeping grains so ill have a little learning to do. ill add the og and other notes after i finish brewing. any input would be helpful. :borg: :cheers:
  10. Yes I used qbrew to figure out the boil times. Love lat 48!! I live near Youngstown ohio we have a good small brewery called rust belt if you Ever get a chance to try it you won't be disappointed. Drinking they're Old man hopper now.
  11. I did a 60 min boil. With the last addition at flame out. I like a hoppy IPA. And I had found a dark IPA from windmer brothers. ( I spelled that name all wrong) I'm going for something like that. :chug: It's in the LBK so ill let you all know in 3 and 4.
  12. Going with your suggestion. Thanks. I'm still green So all the advice is very helpfull!!
  13. Just playing around with boil times. I figured 90min would bring out the most flavor.
  14. I'm going for a dark imperial IPA.
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