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  1. i have read where fruit beers some have added the fruit a week or so after brewing for a better flavor. Same with the brown sugar and cocoa? Or add right away?
  2. So far all I have done since Xmas is just Mr Beer refills. I have the St Patricks Irish Stout. I have the brown sugar and unsweetened cocoa. Has anyone done this recipe? I plan on leaving out the cayenne as my wife didn't seem to think that would be a good idea. Any advice on this recipe is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Great White North Beer Take off Hoser Beer Strange Brew Terrance and Philip Beer "your name" beer It's "ABOOT" Time Beer Have some fun with this! Seriously the other posts have been better than these.
  4. bottled my second batch of glass bottles today. It was the mexican mr beer refill. I used glass bottles (drank a lot of sam adams, ranger the past few days), rinsed them, sanitized them, put 1 tsp of sugar, filled, capped and inverted to make sure the sugar got mixed in. The first batch of glass bottles should be ready next week (week 4) it is patriot lager. Did the same thing with the procedure as today. That was actually my second batch as the first was the CAL that I used the plastic bottles. It wasn't well received by family members, that has been discussed on a previous post. Hoping that these 2 are more to there liking, otherwise screw them more for me! Thanks again for all the kind words and advice they are greatly appreciated!
  5. Again I thank you all for the kind words and advice. I live in the middle of nowhere NE, so no home brewing stores near, not even sure if there are any in this state. So I will be depending on what I can get on the Mr. Beer site or amazon. So where can I get a vinator? Bottling tree can be had on the MB site along with the hydrometer if I am not mistaken. As far as the rest of the stuff, not quite sure what it all is. Still not sure about all the lingo here. So continue to be patient. Again thank you!
  6. Thanks all! Funny thing is my little brother got me the kit, it came with the CAL. He didn't seem to enjoy it. Oh well. Plan on keep plugging away. At this point only planning on doing Mr. Beer products. All I have is the LBK, capper and caps. Do I really need anything else at this point?
  7. 1st batch was Classic American Light. I bottled them in the plastic bottles, and this past weekend I had family members sample the beer. I had actually been 5+ weeks since bottling soooo; Many compared it to Grain Belt, Pabst, Schiltz, etc. We would have a Coors Light/Bud Light, as that is what we normally drink for comparison. They never said that they hated it, but I got the feeling that it wasn't good either. I know it was nothing like what we normally drink, but when it was being compared to really cheap beer that we are not fans of at all, made me wonder. I have Patriot Lager in bottles and will be ready on the 10th, Aztec is in the LBK and will be ready to bottle on the 10th as well. I have Oktoberfest in waiting. Hopefully those will be a bigger hit. Maybe I should try some Mr. Beer recipes instead of straight refills? Thoughts?
  8. I figured as much with the comment about you getting arrested. That cracked me up! Sounds like all I will have to do is shake the soapy water and rinse. Thank you for your help!
  9. RickBeer, All I have done at this point is remove the labels. Hot water, remove label, rub off the adhesive, drop back in the the water and rinse. Right now they are sitting in a box. Was planning on just sanitizing them when it comes time to bottle. Good idea? Bad idea?
  10. I may be in the minority here, but all I have done is fill the tub with hot water, placed the SA bottles in and let them soak, then turn the label removing into a game with the kids, give them each a washcloth to help get the adhesive off which really hasn't been that difficult. My daughter gets a kick out of it, she gets to hang out with daddy!
  11. both sets of bottles are in coolers in the corner of the dining room near the center of the house. My wife found a picture of bottles that have exploded, so to keep mama happy in they went. Don't think this is a big deal. Is it?
  12. This Saturday will be week 4 in the plastic bottles. All but one are firm, the one still has quite a bit of give to it. Not too worried, yet. Second batch went into glass bottles. Had to drink a lot of SA in order to get those bottles. It was the patriot lager, plan on waiting 4 weeks, hope they will be ready. Any advice out there? As I won't be able to check the "firmness" of these bottles, if you know what I mean.
  13. probably should have mentioned that it had little to no head. maybe more like cider. I didn't think sweet and god no it wasn't vinegar. Does it make a difference if it is sweet, sour, vinegar or cider? Help!
  14. I am a little late on asking the question, cracked a bottle at 2 weeks to get an idea of the "taste". Brewed the Classic American Light. Can't say it tasted like a Coors or Bud Light. It kind of had a bite to it. An old buddy of mine agreed it had a bite, but he's had worse home brews before. Anyway, I am hopeful that the 4 week mark will give it time to settle into something more like the light beers I am used to.
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