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  1. OK, thanks. The one Mr beer bottle has cleared up and is very firm with trub on the bottom. Flip tops still look good. I popped the lambic bottle and it didn't go pop. It tasted fine but was pretty flat. I'll take the bottle to the LHBS and see if he has a proper corker for it.
  2. It was not sanitized. It was a last minute got this extra beer gotta do something. I used a Mr beer bottle which is actually looking infected. It's got large particles in suspension. The flip tops look good.
  3. I just bottled a batch of my goto recipe after not brewing for a few years. I cleaned with oxy free and sanitized with the white no rince powder from the LHB shop. I used my old flip tops and a small bottle I had from a lambic. This bottle came corked. I saved the cork and after filling from the keg I jammed it and smacked it down. Here's what I notice: after a few days conditioning that bottle has a slight head on it. Does that mean it is leaking gas through the cork or is it infected? Or will it reach an equilibrium in a few weeks and I can enjoy it?
  4. My goto brew is a can of light hopped extract meant for a 5 gallon batch but in the 2.5 gallon Mr.B. It comes out amber instead of light because it's actually doubled up. It's quick and simple and a hearty brew instead of the weak recipe that came with the kit.
  5. Thanks. I found a gold packet of Mr. Beer yeast in the hydrator. The Oxi Clean I have doesn't say anything about scented or FREE, just Oxi Clean.
  6. I haven't brewed in about a year and I stored the recovered yeast in spaghetti jars and put it in the back of the fridge. What are the chances I can add some sugar and revive it? I'm thinking add the sugar the day before I brew or add the sugar and wait until it looks active. The Mr. Beer keg has some crusty film on it too. I rinsed and sanitized after the last batch but something has a grip on it. I have this Oxi Clean stuff is that the right Oxi?
  7. Oh I dont doubt the cleverness or cunning of the Borg. This interwebs stuff is tricky man. They get you to make and care for a batch of beer and then send it to them. That's information superhighway robbery. I bet all the mailing addresses are in Nigeria. :chug:
  8. "JohnDubya" post=355202 said: "RickBeer" post=355031 said:It's defective. Bottle it at 21 days and then ship the bottles to me for special decontamination carbonating and conditioning. If I can salvage any of it for you, I will. Man... don't be a fibbing.... u do know that YD and myself are the only authorized/licensed disposal/filtering/determining authorized sites in the US of A! It MUST be sent to one of us, preferably myself or he can/will face the full harsh penalties set forth by myself in this kingdom of mine..... Oh it willl be beer. You all ruined your scam the first time you said rdwhahb.
  9. The closest thing to swmbo is a Pwmbo, that's the cat I inherited and as long as the food flows :chow: and I dont sit in her chair she's cool. The blowout settled down and I wiped it clean with a sanitized paper towel. It's weird the last batch also used 3.3 lbs of Munton's hopped light and came out amber colored like I wanted but it looks already like this batch has lost color. The wort was dark but after that upheaval the color is now light. Could I just be seeing trub and gunk mixed in from all the turbulence which makes it look light? Or did I just get a really good ferment which ate it better?
  10. This is my 4th batch and I finally got a blowout from the LBK. I've been lucky and the krausen touches the lid and then backs off, but not this time. I brewed the Munton's hopped light again, used the stored yeast in the fridge just like the other batches. Fermentation seemed to take a few hours longer and then when it took off it was a geyser. I thought I heard something and was thinking I must have mice or something. Where's the cat? I heard it again and go in the kitchen and there it is. There's a puddle of beer around the LBK and froth coming out of the lid. It must have been bubbling furiously to push liquid. I tasted the froth and it was extremely bitter. Was that bitterness hops, or some yeast byproduct?
  11. "T8r Salad" post=352965 said:[attachment=12270]kiss_my_ass_2013-03-20.jpg[/attachment] OOPS, wrong pic and MB wouldn't let me edit it. That HTML is stubborn, wont let you edit anything. :borg: I'm waiting on CO2, gave in and got it online which makes it about .80 a charge. If I had gone for a bigger quantity, it would have come down to about .60 .
  12. This is great, Joe. I couldnt help it and connected the tap to the soda bottle and let whatever carbination was in there push the soda out. That bottle is less than half now and still has enough pressure to dispense. I see that as a good sign for how it will work with CO2 and a bottle carbed beer.
  13. Sandy loam, hmmmmm. I've read that's good soil for hops. That also makes me think, NJ on up to Cape Cod might be suitable for hops, maybe even further south since the pine barrens actually run from New England down to Florida and that's where you'll find that soil.
  14. Ommegang is an awesome brewery. Rare Vos and Hennepin are excellent. I had the good fortune to visit and sample most of what they make. It was a great day, there was a hint of spring in Cooperstown and the food was excellent too. It's a must if you're ever in Cooperstown.
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