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  1. Foothiller - Thanks for the tips. I really appreciate it. Couple questions: 1) how long should I keep the BIAB in the pot at 152? And how do you know what the time should be for a full BIAB, and or a partial like this one? 2) So you add the DME after you remove the grain bag after steeping (approx 152, as the boil up starts? Great suggestion. 3) Does it affect the results if you steep the grain in 2 gallons of water vs. 6 gallons. I'm not a chemistry guy at all,, but I would think there would be some impact I'd have to compensate for as the 2 gallon steep would have less dilution....???? Thanks!
  2. Can anyone look at his and let me know if I have my process right? It's been 9 months since my last brew, and just want to make sure I have it all right. http://www.hopville.com/recipes/s-sluggos-white-winterland-ipa-simple-extr-and-biab This is a simpler version of a White IPA, using DME. The other version will be a full BIAB. It hits property ranges for the American IPA, except for SRM, which is intended with the white IPA.Place 6 gallons in 10 gallon brew pot. Put pot on burner and bring to 150. Put BIAB's in pot for 20 minutes, keeping temp between 145 & 155 as tight to 152 as possible. After 20 minutes, bring to boil. Add DME. Boil and begin 60 minute countdown for additions as noted below.After 60 minutes, bring Wort to 100F ASAP using cooling techniques. Add wort to fermenter. Top off fermenter for 5 gallons.Aerate.At 78F, add yeast.Seal fermenter.(could start with 3 gallons, and add fresh spring water after cooling)
  3. THanks. Will give those beers a try and see how I like them.
  4. soooo......what are you asking for them?
  5. I had one of these the other night and thought it was terrific. Going to go buy a six of it and try to disect it and come up with a clone. Anyone seen a clone out there or have any suggestions? I see absolutely nothing out there on any forums. Any help would be appreciated!
  6. 2 more questions in this scenario 1). How do you see if it clears in a dark brown keg? 2) if yeast activity is done and it clears, it's ok for LT storage in bottles? 3) is it ok to be at 75 degr room temp for long term storage?
  7. Thoughts on doing this in the LBK? I have 3 sitting idle and would love to put them to good use I'm worried about after fermentation is complete and letting it bulk age for a few months
  8. "dogsnharleys" post=374183 said:Excellent Beer had one while working on home remodel, while I find most Belgians a little overpoweringly sweet with a strong aftertaste, I quite enjoyed this one and will be putting it in my clone que. All in all quite powerful and snuck up on me. Will be my new go to brew, when out of home brew. Home remodel almost finished time to start brewing again next weekend. At $4-5 for a 22oz beer, it's not my commercial go-to. But it is my home brew go to. I'm finishing up my batch of this. I'm going to add even more last minute hops, and decrease the earlier hops a bit. Slightly less bitter finish, and slightly more grapefruit tones is what I'm going for to "Perfect" this one.
  9. How can that be JOAM if we don't see any orange peels?
  10. ChizzleD - it was OUTSTANDING. Very hoppy. Grapefruit finish. My go to brew, and about 1/2 way thru drinking the batch. Have yet to do a taste test against the commercial stuff but will do so in the next few days to see if it's spot on. I used 2-Row Briess and 570 yeast
  11. Bad yeast. When you added to 98, did you immediately dump into the wort? If so, maybe rapid temperature change killled the little guys. Was the yeast active when you rehydrated?
  12. I pitched the whole thing...both jars. You all convinced me to give the yeast recovery one more shot. Thanks for the encouragement. I'll try it in 10-14 days after I move this to a secondary. It's going to sit in secondary for a bit longer than normal ... 2-3 more weeks. It's a clone of Two Hearted Ale from Michigan. Overshot my target...hit 1.065 instead of 1.064. Close like Horseshoes is a good thing.
  13. ok. Since I've had poor results reharvesting yeast, I may try something else. For the first time, I tried a yeast starter. 1 quart sterile water, 4 oz LME, with the initial pitch of the American Ale liquid yeast. I split the starter into 2 jars, with foil covering both. After 24 hrs, its bubbling away. It appears, by naked eye, that both jars yeast doubled in size...nice thick white yeast layer at bottom. Do you think I'm safe pitching just the one jar, and save the other for another brew day?
  14. Has anyone drilled a hole in their better bottle and installed a Spigot? Seems like a good idea for bottling, but wanted to check with the Borg just to make sure I'm not missing something before I drill the hole.
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