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  1. Ok thank you. Also I would have to change it based off of all their seasons....lol. But I'm a fan till I die no matter how many times they break my heart.
  2. I have a batch fermenting right now. Its a 67 and has held at that temp for 4 weeks. Question is how long can I let it ferment? Ive done my others at 3 weeks but with the holidays it kinda escaped my mind. Will it go bad?
  3. Been using the Mr. Beer kit for almost a year now. I have made 7 batches of beer so far. I have only had one batch that I would say tasted really good, that was the Ole Mole Stout with a little recipe variation. All of my other batches have tasted almost yeasty (if that is a word.) I follow the 3 weeks fermentation, then I usually let it condition one week for every % of Abv. So for a 6% ABV I let it condition for 6 weeks. I bring up a couple and put them in the fridge at least 3 days prior to drinking. I have followed all the directions to the word. I am looking for anything to try, because I would like to continue to make beer. I love the hobby. Almost forgot I cold crashed the last two batches hoping that would change something but it did not. Also had someone tell me to not pour the whole beer in my glass, so the sediment at the bottom doesn't go into it... Please Help!
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