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  1. It could have been the temperature. It was above 68 during the day, but cooler at night. I'll open another bottle or two and see how they are.
  2. Yes, the drops dissolved. I bottled the beer after 2-1/2 weeks, then stored it at room temperature for about 4 weeks. The bottle I tried had been in the refrigerator for about a week. Next time, I'll go back to granulated sugar I think.
  3. I have brewed probably six batches of beer, and I always used granulated sugar. This time, I decided to try the carbonation drops. I did everything else the same other than the drops. I have opened two bottles of the latest batch (American Lite), and both were flat. No carbonation. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? I followed the directions regarding how much to use. Thanks!
  4. About a month ago, I started brewing a batch of Blue Patriot (blueberry). Today, I put the first bottle in the refrigerator and noticed sediment floating on the top. I assume this is blueberry pieces. Do I need to remove this prior to drinking, or can I just drink it? Any help would be appreciated!
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