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  1. @manosteel - thanks. I'll save that bottle for last. I'll be patient enough with some of the bottles, but next week that first one is going in the fridge. @wings - I sincerely apologize for my word choice. I'm glad you understand it as a poor attempt at humor. @stevecon - I appreciate the support in my adventurous spirit. I am having a blast getting into this craft. I've learned a lot so far and am learning so much from all of yall's responses to my and others questions. @frozen - To you I apologize as well. My intent was not to offend. Both wings and yourself have given me more help/assistance/knowledge than probably any other person on this forum, so I am certainly grateful to you both. So, moving forward. I am a week away from tasting my first batch of home brewed beer and I'm super excited. I have an AMC and WCPA fermenting away in their LBKs. And I just got in my order of a Bavarian Weissbier deluxe refill with more bottles. So once the AMC is bottled, it'll be straight on to getting the BW going. :cheers:
  2. So I recently posted seeking advice on what to do about adding too little priming sugar for bottling. I put 1.5 tsp instead of 2.5 tsp in each bottle. The general consensus was to just leave it be and it'll still be carbonated enough to pass as decent beer. I am following that advice... almost. Here I am a week after bottling and I just added and extra tsp to one bottle. It was out of sheer curiosity that I did this dastardly deed, but If it ruins that one bottle I'll still have 7 others to fall back. Quenching my curiosity will be worth whatever outcome may unfold. I'll post the results when I get to tat bottle. I will also quench my thirst and curiosity in one more week when I try my first bottle of home brewed goodness. And for all you brewing nazis I am letting the rest do their thing for more weeks. P.S. the bottle I opened had a little carb already and the aroma that sifted up into my nostrils was intoxicating. I hope the end result is as please to my taste buds as this aroma was to my nose.
  3. So, for my first batch, it was a new kit my wife got me for Christmas. It said to pour the yeast in and cap the LBK. I just recently brewed a kit that was a year old (WCPA that looked like the old cans of HME) Those instructions said to pour the yeast in, wait 5min, stir vigorously, and cap off. My question is about the stirring. Should I always stir in the yeast, or was that specifically for the WCPA?
  4. Thank you gentlemen. It sucks that I made an error on my first batch, but I supposed that happens to most of us. Luckily, I have two more batches already going. I find it strange that the recommendations from two sources would differ by such a vast amount, but it gives me hope. Thanks again!
  5. And in all of the excitement of bottling my first batch... I messed up. I only put 1.5 tsp of sugar in each 1 lit bottle instead of 2.5 tsp. That was 3 days ago (Thursday). I pray all hope is not lost. I can certainly just go add another tsp to all of the bottles, but I'd imagine that would let out what little carbonation has built up so far. So what do I do? Just add the missing 1 tsp to each bottle, or 1 plus a little extra to compensate the loss of any carbonation thus far? :think:
  6. 24hrs in on my AMC and i have a nice foamy krausen on top and a good bit of trub on bottom. I love my new found hobby!
  7. I wanted to bottle after 14 days cause I'm a noobie and impatient, but I had to wait 16 days. I got my GBCP now in the bottles and have started my AMC inn the LBK. The taste test: The color was brilliant, but just a little cloudy. It tasted like flat beer at room temp so I think I did it right... Ha! It had a little cidery taste, but I think that will settle out in the bottle. I'll be giving the bottle 2 weeks before putting only one of them into the fridge. I'll try to keep myself from going through the bottles too quickly. I'm interested to see if my palate can tell the differences between bottles aging 2 weeks - 4 or 5 weeks. [attachment=10337]IMAG0783.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=10338]IMAG0784.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=10339]IMAG0785.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=10340]IMAG0786.jpg[/attachment]
  8. I've got that on order. If mine comes out looking that good, I'll be quite a happy brewer. great job man, Enjoy!
  9. And as always, my query is met with several prompt and extremely good bits of knowledge. Thank you all. I'm bottling tomorrow after two weeks of fermentation (I know, 3 weeks is recommended) I'll also be cleaning my LBK and start batch #2 (AMC) and that will hang out for 3 weeks in the LBK. ANOTHER QUESTION: for the Cerveza, I was thinking about adding a slice of lime or lime peel to some of the bottles before bottling. I would like to do the same with batch #3 (Bavarian Weis) but with orange. So, any dvice on how or if to do this?
  10. I'm due to bottle my first batch soon and I'll be using the 8 1lit bottles that came with my MB kit. I know to use the prescribed amount of priming sugar per bottle, but I'm assuming not all 8 bottles will be filled all the way. So, how many bottles will I fill and what is the bottling procedure for using a bottle that doesn't get filled all the way?
  11. Pardon my ignorance gentlemen, but what is a Vinator?
  12. Sorry for the confusion. I did mean glass bottles. And upon hearing yalls input, I will most certainly NOT reuse any of these twist top bottles. But, in terms of using plastic bottles, how big of an impact does the color of the plastic have on the setting, freshly bottled beer?
  13. I may already know the answer, BUT... is it ok to bottle into recycled bottles that use twist off caps? I can screw the caps back on and they seem tight. would that be advised if they can hold a seal?
  14. I read all of these people with such a stockpile both in terms of their pipeline, and in fermenting devices. I'm a week in on my first batch and already want to dump all my $$$ into this fantastic way of life. K-6 is keeping me in check though. A 2nd LBK is in my sights, but I'm going to get one or two batches under my belt before i start expanding.
  15. yea... thanks... but no thanks. knowing my apt for malfunction, my LBK very well may spew foulness when i proceed to bottle. I'm hoping for the best though.
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