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  1. Well qbrew had my og at 1.048 and I nailed it at 1.048 so I must have done something right. I do see where I could have added more water to my original striking water. Overall I like the BIAB method. will post the recipe in the recipe section.
  2. OK another question how do you calculate BIAB efficiency???? Everyone talks about it but no body tells you how. For what its worth at 150deg in 2qt water I had a preboil reading of 1.04. my grain bill was 4.25lb
  3. Ok thanks, I have a English ale recipe that I plan on trying. I have a lbk and a 5 gal ferm so it gives me some choices. The last brew I did before taking the summer of was a mini mash for 30min with a sparge & extract so making this jump shouldn't be to hard. I was just gathering info and all of it starting getting confusing.
  4. well some of my reading on the subject has me more confused. What gets me is I miss the fact that some are brewing large batches. I do not want to boil a 50gal drum for 5 gal of beer, which is how it sounds sometimes. What I like to do is keep things simple but I want a better beer. So here what I would like to know about BIAB 1. I have a 16qt pot, so could I do say a 2 1/2 gal full volume boil for 60min keeping the temp in the 150-155deg range (mash temp). after removing the grains them boil the hops from there. Or is the sparging necessary which is were the big pot comes in because you will have to boil down wort and sparge water. 2. Do you just use all grain recipes for BIAB?
  5. Couple things, been away for awhile but after taking the summer/fall of brewing Im back in the swing. I have brewed the last 3-4 brews as extract (with good results) and Im curious about biab. But, as I read on it more I here it being a full water boil and guys are using 15gal pots I am a little apprehensive. Is there a big difference between BIAB and extract brewing with a steep/partial mash that I should invest into biab?
  6. I like the chimay blue, I thought of trying to clone but looks beyond me right now. Its good beer, Keep us posted
  7. Well the wife has been supportive with the beer brewing and drinking. But the brew before last stunk the whole house. Brewing outside won't be a big deal, I will. Call it a compromise. Now my EX-wife didn't like drinking at all. I will repeat EX-WIFE. I even told her once she drove me to drink, which I later realized wasn't a bad things.
  8. My wife has informed me that I am banded from brewing inside. So I must now brew outside. What is your ideal setup for outside brewing? I've heard turkey fryers work well.
  9. Well here is the final product. My brother thinks its a great clone of fat tire. I thinks its a touch off but a great copy. This will be brewed again with no changes very soon. Will repost with recipe and process. Thanks for the help
  10. Micro word and a glue stick. Its cheap and you can write what you want. Im going to invest into colored paper once I get a line up of go to beers. [attachment=13268]Picture0015.jpg[/attachment]
  11. Let it mellow, mine tasted cidery for a while but after 4-5 weeks in the bottle it really smoothed out.
  12. czech pils + saaz hops, cant go with that
  13. As becoming typical I perv a early beer after bottleing to see how it taste and how it deffers as it agges. At 9 days it has a nice mild flavor, not to malty or hoppy but a good blend of both. It is in the realm of mildness as the fat tire but a little off on the taste do to the cascade hop im assuming. I do notice a sweet after taste like i did with my Pale Ale and I wonder if I need to back the crystal down or go to 20or 30 instead of the 45.?? Overall its hitting the mark that I was setting out to hit. now its just waiting 3 more weeks...
  14. I put 1lb of crystal 45 in a pale ale but I had a strong hops to off set it. It was by accident since I was converting a 5gal recipe over to lbk size. turned out good.
  15. Suprisenly that was a beer that got better with age. congrats :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
  16. I was going to do a simular clone but with 1/2oz saaz, bitter orange, coraninder. And I was going to steep a camamile tea bag at flameout. havent done it yet I would be interested how these turnout.
  17. My LBS has MO grains but not extract. Maybe I will have to just try my first AG recipe. Im getting deeper and deeper with every recipe :side:
  18. Thanks! I found a new test subject in my brother. It must be in our Belguim roots but we really like all kinds of beers. If we have have trouble pronouncing the name we are more intersted in drinking it. He has been really honest with the samples of my Nonsense Pale Ale and one thing he noticed was how it mellowed out. If you use Cascade and really pick up that flavor at the 2 month mark...moreso than at the 6 month mark...then you should care about when you're really getting the best experience out of your beer Thats something we talked about letting the next batch of pale ale sit until the 5/6 week mark in the bottle. Did not help that this one came out of the fermentor drinkable.
  19. According to qbrew my IBU rating on my pale ale was 39. At the 3week condition/carb date it was good and bitter. But as it has aged into the 4-5 week range I have noticed it has mellowed some, still bitter but not as bitter as it was. So is it safe to say that 39 IBU is a average range of bitterness that a beer will have in it life. Plus or minus as the beer age? Or should I consider 39 as a finish IBU when the beer is done conditioning? Also do some hops keep there flavor/ bitterness better than others. Should i give a crap? as long as the beer is good???
  20. "Fubar ale" Keep it and give it to people you doint like. you never know it may mellow out and something good.
  21. Maybe I'll bottle and call it "Cluster F!?ck Ale". If you used cluster hops that would be a good name. :banana:
  22. It does not hurt to taste samples as you go just to see how the beer taste in the proccess. A hydrometer is very helpful and you can "sample" some wort as you go. I will typically bottle a couple bottles that I put a side to sample in the caerb/condition period. Its a good way to see the beer progress. I have a couple recipes now that I know the results and wont perv them. I bowhunt too but as the saying goes "patience my butt I want to drink something" :think:
  23. can you steep Mo or does it have to be mashed? Wondering if you can do some Mo exctract with steep of MO grain and crystal. Looks like a real simple recipe. Everyone has mentioned Morris Otter in high regard and been interested in trying a recipe using it.
  24. Update: I took a Gr and it bottomed out at 1.01. The sample tasted good, had some of the biscuit character coming out. bottle day will be sunday which will be the 3wk mark.
  25. bigT

    Recipe List

    Im sure if you are looking a style you could ask and most will be very open to give a recipe. I think your looking for a recipe section were everyone post the recipe. From what i gather most the older brewer are still figureing out the new mr beer refills since they have changed the HME's this past year.
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