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  1. Depends on what you are looking for in a cider. For a dry cider, Strongbow or Magners is the way to go. For a sweet cider Woodchuck is the best bet.
  2. The Columbus Beerfest already passed for this year, but here is the website for future reference: http://www.columbusbeerfest.com/ North Market is having a microbrew festival Sept. 13: http://www.northmarket.com/activities-and-events/2013-09-13/columbus-microbrew-festival
  3. Yeah, I followed the 3 week rule for fermentation. I did start drinking them after only 3 weeks of conditioning since wheats are good young.
  4. I actually just tried my first bottle of this! Best one yet in my opinion. For this yeast, you have two options. If you want more of a clover taste, ferment at the lower end of the temp range (64). If you want more of banana taste, ferment in the low to mid 70's. I fermented at about 72 and it came out great.
  5. I added the fruit for this recipe after one week like others have recommended. Another recommendation I saw when searching the forums was to add one can of fruit as Mr. Beer recommends and then another a week into fermentation. I only had one can, so I did not try this way. At bottling, I was pleasantly surprised with this recipe's taste! Also, I recommend keeping the booster for this recipe. It adds to the dryness you want with a tart fruit beer while boosting the ABV.
  6. Completely normal. The hefe yeast releases a sulfur smell that will condition out.
  7. Amazon would be your best bet. They also have Super Saver shipping on the standard refills.
  8. any reason why the hefe uses booster instead of the golden ume? thinking of getting that one as well and modding it with the golden.
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