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  1. Anything special needed to be done with the yeast on this recipe. This packet is different than any other I have ever made. Just wondering before making a batch whether there are different instructions. Thanks
  2. Sorry MichaelL but I didn't see the topic where you said it was moved to. Maybe you can help me with that. Thank you.
  3. It is very evident if you post a negative comment on Mr Beer on the forum they will remove it. A very poor ( terrible) customer service department.
  4. I am new to brewing. Made a recipe with hops in the hop sack. Do I bottle it with those items remaining in the keg or remove them first? Thanks
  5. Anyone wish to share any info on the "Winter Dark Ale" specifically just how bitter?
  6. looks like you use kegs as drafts with your setup here?
  7. Just brewing up a batch of Howling Red Ale and can anyone put me on to what I can look forward to? Possibly similar to Killians Red or maybe something else? Look forward to hearing from anyone who has made this recipe.
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