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  1. +1 to carapils. Once I added steeping grains to my recipes it helped with head retention and lacing. Some styles are just prone to better retention.
  2. The Howling Red Ale was good, I did that one as well. You could get something that matches the season, figure 7 to 8 weeks from brewing to drinking brings you to October.
  3. Now that is impressive! I have done 2 in 1 day or 3 over 2 days but never that many!
  4. I brewed this one as well and was impressed as well. I have tucked 2 pet's of it away to age a little more. Might bust them out in the fall.
  5. Spring water generic store brand. I use 12oz and 22 oz glass bottles, typically Sam Adams, New Belgium or anything that has a pop top.
  6. I love cucumbers as well and just this last year have really enjoyed cucumber infused water and really liked the cucumber infused vodka. I am not an experienced enough brewer to offer you any insight but I am really curious about it and was doing some research. If you do brew this keep updating us.
  7. I have my next 5 planned up as of right now. Just need to get the ingredients and have 25 hour days or 8 day weeks to get it done. Does anyone else plan this far ahead? How far in advance do you plan?
  8. I've done it both was and in all cases I got beer. Although I tend to now lead towards stirring now.
  9. I too was left wanting more from this first one. But it was my very first one, and just making beer was enough for me. I have brewed it again with a few additions and I have my first Lime Cervesa and it is much better.
  10. As others said less water, typically I use 3/4 of a cup but have thought of reducing it. When I transfer from lbk I use a piece of hose long enough to go into the slimline and curve around the bottom to create a natural swirling action. I will gently stir with a sanitized spoon for good measure. Then bottle from slimline with the bottling wand.
  11. I think subject line says it all! Nuff said.
  12. +1 To the comment about sediment in the 2nd pour from a PET bottle. I have always used glass, very easy to come by with friends and family helping out. But I too will try to use 1 plastic bottle per batch to check for carbination.
  13. Agree use the whole thing. I made a hefe in the lbk and the one pack was perfect.
  14. Yeah the dividers are on my list to do but the honey do list tends to take precedence in the summer. I get to brew but other personal projects are put off till winter or I am caught up.
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