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  1. Cracked the first ones at a superbowl party...tasted great super long lasting head...one of the fiptops didnt carb though...new bottles too....oh well drank it anyway...not too bitter either...i think qbrew said ibu of over 80....anyone holding on to these old refills wont be disapointed in the fallen friar!
  2. Bottled it yesterday....didnt hydro tasted like flat beer.....funny thing...bottled primed with corn sugar..third to last bottle started bubbling immediately...fermented for three weeks...oh well could be my first ever bottle bomb...any thoughts?
  3. tastes good flat we'll know in 4 or 5 weeks
  4. well bottled up the fallen friar today...canadian and vienna...used a pound of breiss sparkling amber...boiled 1 oz centennial for 25...1oz saaz for 5... Whole pack safale 05....only fermented 18 days...had to get it done...it tastes awesome...not as bitter as i feared.....carbing now with corn sugar...first time i used my bottle wand too..how easy..anyway two thumbs up
  5. Ok brewed it..boiled hops.for 25 min with lb breiss pilsen light...tossed in whole packet of safale 05...sittin at ....70 degrees. Time to wait
  6. Ok spring it is....accidentally grabbed the pure life too...then noticed the additives...guess ill have to gasp...drink that water!
  7. Anybody brew with nestle pure life purified water. I see they enhanced it with minerals for taste. Calcium chloride...sodium bicarnonate and magnesium sulfate?....leave it alone and use spring water or will it be ok? I know some brewers use the first two for mouth feel....any thoughts?
  8. So its already 6.5 abv...8.1 with dme?...think itd b too much bite?
  9. Sounds like a plan...dont have qbrew on my phone....1 lb breiss pilsen light dme around 1% abv?
  10. Just stalkin....haha...anyway if you dont mind me askin...that powerful patriot ale...boil the hops for 30 min..then leave in until bottle...whats yer thoughts?
  11. I defer to your experience...how about sack the hops and boil for say 30 min with the dme and then keep in the keg til bottle. Dme should add about 1 percent abv?
  12. Hahaha not sure what way i wanna go. Not trying to make liquor.....just on a quest to use up some dme. Not sure how the two hmes will taste together anyway.
  13. Ok, got my powerful patriot ale today..got a question for the borg. The kit has no booster and wants you to dryhop with liberty hops. Any thoughts to me doing a boil with a pound of breiss pilsen light dme and their hops..and then using a pack of safae 05? Thinking about keeping the hops in the lbk. Only 1/2 oz. Any thoughts on the taste?
  14. That does sound good. Only thing i lack is the other Breiss. May try that thanx. P.s. I love wheat beers!
  15. Thanx for the input. Maybe ill just use 1 can. Ill try those hops too. Got some centennial but it seems pretty bitter for the weissen. Looking more for flavor than abv. Read alot that one can lacked alot of flavor/body. Probably from the booster. The dme should help.
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