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  1. Santa is going to get me a Winter Dark Ale refill. I made it last year and the consensus was is quite tasty. Wanting to add some body, malt flavor and alcohol I plan on doing the following (Add 2 ounces of Carapils, Add 1 pound of 2-row). Just checking to see if anyone has done anything like this before. --------------------------------- Mash Schedule Mash grains at 158 to get maximum mouthfeel Bring 1.5 quarters of water to 160 Put bagged grains in water Check Temp Cover and wait (1 hour) After 1 hour, lift out grain bag and strain into pot Bring to boil, boil for 10-15 minutes to sanitize and create hot break Pour in HME Follow Standard Mr Beer Process -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Three brews so far this year. January: Winter Dark Ale Februrary: St. Patrick's Irish with Brewmax and S-04 yeast, St. Patrick's Irish with Brewmax and downunder yeast. On Deck in March (Hopefully) Scotch Meets Munich Ale Hefe
  3. I'm up for an exchange. I'm booked until April though. And I need to look at this thread more too
  4. For my last batch, I filled to the 8.5 quarter mark and took 2 samples (OG/FG) and drank them. I bottled 20 12 oz bottles.
  5. Five pounds of generic sugar and bakers yeast. Total cost $2 :silly:
  6. Hello Borg :borg: I was thinking of brewing a Scottish ale /70 or /80 using Mr Beer Octoberfest HME as the base. I want to do a partial mash but was uncertain want to input into Qbrew as the efficient so I assumed 60% as I plan to mash in a bag with no sparge. Any comments are greatly appreciated. Receipe 1 Can Mr Beer Octoberfest 2 lbs Britsh 2-Row 4 Ounces Crystal 40 Yeast: Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Process Mash grains with 3 quarts of water at 158 in a bag. After 1 hour remove bag, no sparging I am assuming 60% efficiency Boil wort for 15 minutes to develop hot break. Add HME stir until disolved and follow standard method Standard Method Fill LBK with 1 gallon of refridgerated spring water (I use Crystak Geyser) Dump in Wort Top off with refridgerated spring water to 8.5 quarters Stir ... Stir ... Stir Add Activated Liquid Yeast Ferment between 62-67 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Has anyone tried anything similar? Thanks -D
  7. Like many of you i switched from glass to an ale pale. The pale is lighter, safer if dropped, super easy to clean and has plenty of head space plus i like the volume markers on the side. I fermented an Alt that conditioned for 4 weeks and couldnt detect any off flavors and was the best beer i ever made. I had a spigot attached (my LHBS does that for free) but it leaked a bit during fermentation so now i just use that for my bottling bucket. Maybe I could try a new gasket.
  8. With St. Patrick's Day coming up, I wanted to brew up the standard refill St. Patrick's Irish Stout. But then I started thinking ... hmmmm... I wonder if I could Oatmeal Stoutify this recipe. So I was thinking of a partial mash, with 2 lbs of 2-row pale, 1/2 lb plain old Quaker oats. Mash at 152 on the stove for about 60. I was wondering if I should add any black patent or chocolate malt? What does the board think? -D ----------------------------------------- Fermenter: American Light
  9. I have a 5 gallon 6.5 gallon carboy and an Ale Pale. When I brewed 5 gallon batches I used the 6.5 gallon carboy a few times and I've blow the fermentation lock off a couple of times (pitching Wyeast will do that especiall the Alt strain). My old process was primary in the 6.5 to rack to the 5. I switched to a big ale pale for 2 reasons. -1) The Glass 6.5 Gallon carboy + 5 gallons of wortbeer is quite heavy and made me nervous I almost dropped it once. the Ale pale is lighteer and has a bigger head space ( I did pop the fermnation lock which a raspberry sassion once) -2) I don't rack to secondary any more, and my beers improved since I started that. But of course I just do ales. But with the glass its neat to see the fermentation doing its thing. With a 5 gallon carboy, you will need a blow up tube set up until the krausen falls. I would check the Better Bottle ported 6 gallon fermenter and see if that meets your needs. -D
  10. I know this is an old thread but did Dr. Yeast ever post that information on the Mr Beer Yeast (via Mr Beer CEO Post). I can't seem to find it.
  11. Hello All, I've been home brewing off and on (mostly off) for some time. So Santa brought me a Mr Beer Premium Kit with the American Light HME. I started fermenting on Dec 31st and I already ordered the Winter Dark Ale for the next batch. -Darryl
  12. Howdy from Kent Island, MD Anyone close by? I'm fermenting up my first batch of Mr Beer now. I've been an off and on homebrewer for a while (mostly off) and Santa brought me a Premium Kit for christmas. Can't wait to brew some more. -D
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