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  1. Just brewed up my 3rd batch of mb(czech pilsner),bottling 1176 ale wednesday, and have classic light ready to drink for super bowl. Also made a large batch of Apple Pie drink with everclear and lots of apple juice and apple cider. gonna have some kick to it. Happy Super Bowl everyone. Garage party here we come(i am a bartender so the last place i want to go is a bar!!!!!) :chow:
  2. thanks guys and ladies, will do
  3. I have my first batch of the classic light in the fermenter for 16 days now and there are still alot of floaties in the the lbk. Will these drop out in the next 5 to 6 days(my 3 week stage) or will i have to cold crash in the fridge for a couple of days? thanks for all the info, you guys kick arse!!!!
  4. your right yd, also was a spelling bee champ in the 4th grade(alright that was a lie)
  5. i was on the bank for sure when i was too drunk to fish, no alcohol goes in my boat. never had a dui in a car sure as hell not getting one in a boat!!!
  6. It's amazing when you start brewing beer, how many new friends you seem to have. Save me a bottle of this, save me a bottle of that, what i say to them is make me a BLOWME SANDWICH and buy your own. I need a healthy pipeline for camping and fishing this summer, because everybody knows that beer and fishing go hand in hand.( i have been to drunk to fish!!!)
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