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  1. This is some good stuff to read - Thank you FrozenInTime! Rattlesnake sandwiches!!!! Sounds like Colorado to me! I went to my first home brew store this afternoon (120th Ave and Huron)... man, you can get real fancy with some of these home brew setups. I'll stay with the LBKs for a now;) Thanks again!
  2. I'm in Broomfield, Colorado! I just started my 2nd LBK 2 days ago (Winter Dark Ale with an added booster:), my first one is still sitting in the Keg (American Classic Light) and on the 15th I will bottle. I hope these beers come out ok. I would love to meet up with other Mr. Beer brewers and learn some tricks and suck some beers down. Lets get this thread going and see if we can set something up for early 2013!!!! :gulp:
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