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  1. "russki" post=365421 said:Vinegar flavor is not lacto, it's acetobacter. Lacto will produce a tangy sour, like sour milk. If it really is acetobacter, it will not condition out... I personally would probably still bottle and try it carbed and chilled, if still nasty, then dump along with all plastics that have touched this batch. So I need to throw away the LBK it is in?
  2. Will the vinegar taste condition out? I guess I can bottle it.
  3. Alright I've got my first lacto infection.... I think. Ive got a modified Czech pilsiner that has been fermenting for 3 weeks. I tasted a sample today and it smells and tastes like vinegar. Last week it tasted fine, actually better than I anticipated but now vinegar. I guess I'll pour it out and try again.
  4. I've never heard of this either. It was actually suggested to use a freezer and not a fridge but I got my fridge for free. If only we could get Jim Johnson to add his $.02. I know he use to work with or on appliances and warned me of the defrost cycle of the fridge.
  5. Well Big Floyd, JJ and I all use the STC 1000 and I keep mine set +/- .5*C as well.
  6. Well what do the members of the other forums know anyway? All the Mr. Beer experts are here. If only the people asking the questions about Mr B on those forums found this place first.
  7. Extract brewing is extract brewing. It doesn't matter the type of fermentation vessel or brand of the extracts. Extract brewing is simpler then PM or AG brewing and quicker on brew day also. You can make good beer with all three methods or bad beer for that matter. I love my Mr Beer as much as my other fermentation systems. I like their HMEs especially with my own additions. I also like to formulate my own recipes. To each his own. Does it really matter if somebody doesn't like your method as long as you are satisfied with it?
  8. Oxi-clean free anthen sanitize is what I do. The stuff at my dollar store is fragranced so I have not tried it.
  9. If there were any one forum to join to improve your brewing it would be this one. Everyone here are so helpful and quick to offer advice. You will find there are many ways to accomplish the same thing....good beer. There are few wrong ways to brew. Find the way thats comfortable for you and makes you happy and good beer will follow. There is plenty of good info on this forum but I would suggest also picking up a copy of How to Brew 3rd edition by John Palmer. Any way welcome to the forum.
  10. I totally get the cooler idea for fermentation but carb and conditioning? How big of a cooler can you get to carb all the beer you are making. I've got 6 cases conditioning right now with more batches fermenting. I know I'm on the lower end of the brew scale. I am also in Florida and my beer conditions at room temp with no problems. At least none that I notice since being able to control my fermentation temps. Thats when I could understand the cooler being used.
  11. 6 of one half dozen of the other. It will work either way but your beers will be consistent if you pour them together and batch prime. Even being careful to split everything evenly tiny differences can produce slightly different taste. So it seems you want consistency since you used the same yeast so I would combine the 2 LBKs. If you had used different yeasts for the sake of "Beer Science" then you would have bottled individually. To taste how different yeast effect the brew.
  12. "FedoraDave" post=358994 said:If it's a kit (and he mentions that it is), it should include the proper yeast. I think we need to know a little more about the process the OP followed. When was it brewed? What was the temperature when the yeast was pitched? What is the ambient temperature where the beer is fermenting? Did you follow the instructions exactly? Is there trub in the bottom of the keg? Bubbling, or krausen, is a nice sign, but it's not the only sign. Dave the OP said it is only day 2 and he stirred his wort to get it to bubble again.
  13. Got mine today. Now I jut need room in the fermentation chamber to brew one.
  14. "jrflowers2" post=358970 said:i have a stupid question, what yeast did you use? and my question is could it be too strong for the yeast and maybe killed it?? just curious No its a good question. I am just assuming his recipe was using a proper yeast for a barley wine.
  15. Yeah and the problem with mine was my fault. I got mine from Lerway Tech for $19.86 with free shipping and it arrived much sooner than I was quoted. I wanna say 7 days. No problems with mine after I discovered the pinched wire in my heater. I have never heard of a problem with any STC 1000s and I searched high and low.
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