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  1. You should not boil the HME. It has the flavor profile already set in. Only boil LME and DME. Afraid that doesn't explain the discrepancy with your OG.
  2. I just ordered three new recipes. These prices are great!
  3. "Kealia" post=385099 said: "JonP" post=385045 said:I am growing the hops in Salinas, CA. Most of them are in barrels. Nice! I'm just over in Santa Cruz. I'll be over when they are ready to be harvested I will be happy to share!
  4. I am growing the hops in Salinas, CA. Most of them are in barrels.
  5. Thanks. That's Finn. Corgi and shepherd was the best guess at the rescue shelter.
  6. That is nice! I can't get a very picture of the whole plant because it is growing in front of a fence completely covered in ivy.
  7. I used this same thread to build mine too. Thanks Russki. I have it hooked up to a small chest freezer. Works great!
  8. I planted four varieties back in the spring. Only the Cascade had done really well and this one vine is the only one to flower. It has a TON of cones on it. Pretty cool! I am looking forward to making a Pale Ale come the fall using only my home-grown hops.
  9. I use a 8 oz of bottled water. Warm it up to suggested hydration temp if I know it or to around 80F. I pour off about an ounce, pour in the yeast and put the cap back on. Wait 15 minutes and shake it up then wait another five minutes to pitch. Works for me.
  10. Thanks for the answers to my questions. VERY helpful!
  11. Should the yeast be at the same temperature as the wort when you pitch it? If I rehydrate dry yeast or do a starter the yeast will be at room temperature, say 70f for the sake of my question. Everybody in this thread says the wort for even an ale should be at a lower temp than that. What about the yeast? Thanks for your insight!
  12. Sorry for asking this question in the advanced section when I am obviously not an advanced brewer. This morning the LBK in question has a layer of krausen.
  13. I used WLP800 for my Prince Ludwig's Lager recipe. I made a yeast starter for the first time. It seemed to be cooking along just fine after a little more than 24 hrs. I got the wort down to around 65F and pitched the yeast starter which was at about 70F. I put it in the fermentation chamber at around 52F. It's been 24 hrs. and I have no krausen. Maybe I have some trub but it might just be the protein from the cold break. Anybody have experience with this yeast? I have a packet of dry lager yeast if I need to re-pitch. Any insight will be greatly appreciated!
  14. What do you think you might do differently with this brew? I have a few weeks before I'll do this one so any improvemts you might suggest are appreciated. Congrats on your WS baby! Maybe we'll take Finn to the Dog Days one of these days. He would love it I think.
  15. Thanks ChizzleD. That's what I'm looking for! How was it? Go Giants. We are going to the game on Saturday. My pic is our dog, Finn wearing his rally towel last October for playoff watching. Thanks again!
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