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  1. Table sugar for me easy to use and I've always have on hand. I use screwy brewers priming cal. to get the amount needed for the type of beer I brew (http://www.thescrewybrewer.com/p/brewing-tools-formulas.html#bpc). Just the way I roll.
  2. If you got movement inside the fermenter you have fermentation. Let it go 3 weeks then bottle (Perving is good but don't get overly stressed).
  3. First 68 deg. is fine next time get it a little lower incase you have spike during the first few days (say around 64-65). Floaters is a good indicating of fermentation not always but most of the time. Clear bottles are OK for your beer, insure you give a good cleaning and sanitize them before use, keep them out of direct sunlight also insure you have the right amount of sugar for carbonation http://www.thescrewybrewer.com/. I wish you luck on your first batch and look forward to your results.
  4. I have nothing bad to say about going commando, I still do it from time to time, but there are times I want to eliminate a lot of trub in my kettle and even if I use the Hop Spider I'll still cold crash. I like the way my beer comes out nice and clear with no or hardly any trub in the finished product.
  5. Just so you know it cost just a bit more than $10. Stainless Steal and custom hop bag from Wilserbrewer. PVC has a tendency to melt over boiling wort.
  6. Keep fermentation temps at constant range during all of fermentation. this will improve the quality of your brew and help to eliminate any off flavors. Your yeast will love you for this as they don't like wide temp swings and will help produce a quality beer.
  7. I have a few of the green bottles, however after bottling I store all my bottled beer in a closet until I drink them and when I'm ready I almost always leave in fridge until I open to drink the beer.
  8. You could use the Coopers malt but it takes a little adjustment by cutting the malt down to the amount you plan to brew then storing the rest. Its not recommended for the New Brewers because of the level of expertise we have when first starting this adventure of brewing. If you still want to try I'm sure there are threads on this and other sites explaining how to do it.
  9. Go ahead perv your beer although some won't admit to it we all do. leave the lid on and look through the LBK with a flashlight it works for me. I perv at least twice a day when I have one in the chamber(it's the way I roll).
  10. Rick you are right but I prefer my beer to be conditioned and carbed if its only 2 gal.
  11. Why waste beer go 3 weeks on fermentation and then bottle 2.1 gal. is all you get so don't take a FG and bottle it all. IMHO
  12. John1801

    1st brew!2

    How did it taste? Need feed back on this first brew. was it good or so-so?
  13. I label the box w/ all info ie: beer, when bottled, ABV ect. and only mark caps when I go to the Lake and plan to share.
  14. Give it another week, it may just need to clean itself up to make it taste right. (But then again I may be wrong)
  15. With the limited amount of finished Beer with a Mr. Beer kit just let it ride. Give it the full 3 weeks to ferment and don't worry about "if its done yet, it will be, or want to know what the ABV is, brew for taste. Once you advance to grains and so forth or larger volumes of brewing that's when I would start looking at using a hydrometer. RDWHAHB (IMHO)
  16. Just to be on the safe side, send me all your bottled beer once fermentation is completed and I'll give each bottle a taste test to determine if it is ruined or not and get back to you with the results as fast as I can.
  17. Its ok to PERV your beer (I do it all the time) just don't open to look at it or Shake-rattle and roll it.
  18. Welcome Ed1957 the brewers here want to help so ask questions when needed, we all had to start somewhere. See if they have a Local Brew Store in your area most will point you in the right direction again some won't, so keep it tuned here for all your brewing needs.
  19. The bubbles you see is from fermentation. As stated let it go 3 weeks. "Don't" play with it while it is fermenting, do however try to get the temp. down (your way to warm) you want to be below 70 deg. if you can 65 deg. is better. Once you it has completed fermentation you can bring the temp. up to around 70-72 to help remove any off flavors before bottling. Bottle then wait another 4 weeks for carbonation and conditioning. The main thing here is not to disturb the wort while its in the initial faze of fermentation removing the ring is the only thing I would have done and put the lid back on. Did you take a OG before you started fermentation or are you just trying to work with the hydrometer? Get the procedure down first then advance to more brewing aspects of making great beer. "Most" of us started slow and worked our way up. I do all grain with the LBK's and I still ferment 3 weeks even having taken a OG just the way I go, I then take my FG at bottling time just so I don't lose the beer because I don't pour it back in for bottling.
  20. You need to get out, make friends, and beer is the way to do it.
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