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  1. :cheers: So after completing my first batch, some of my bottles came out perfect, great taste, great carbination, poured a perfect head! Had a few bottles tho that didnt take much to the carbination but still tasted pretty good. I'm wondering if maybe when i filled them if i didnt fill it high enough if that woulda effected it not coming out right? Also pondered the idea that perhaps i didnt have the caps on %100 correctly. Any Ideas?
  2. thanks, i'm sure it got stirred a littl but not too bad. i'm gonna give it some settling time and see what happens
  3. :chug: So i had to move the keg to another house do to me moving. during transit some of what i assume is the yeast has stuck to the side a little above the wort. is this a problem and if so how can i fix it? I'd hate to scrap it becouse it is my first batch and it was coming along so well!
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