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  1. Here's the bad ring, took a pic at lunch at the support person's request.
  2. They're sending me a new one. Are PBW or One Step bad for these things? I let mine soak.
  3. Is calling the rubber washer a gasket wrong? I called it a gasket and they didn't know what I was talking about, when we got that sorted, they then told me to email support for a new one.
  4. I noticed the crease after the first batch, I'm guessing the second batch leaked but trub/gunk/hops stopped it up, I used a kit from homebrewers.com a friend bought me for that one. I'm on chat now.
  5. It's facing the correct way yes. I filled the whole keg with warm water and PBW according to the directions on the PBW, and then I broke it down and cleaned everything afterward. I just got this for Xmas from my mother in law so I'm assuming it's not an older model (or a regift). Other than the small crease, everything looks normal.
  6. After my first batch my Mr. Beer did not leak at all, after the second, I noticed some stickiness on the bottom of the tray I had it on. After I cleaned it and was letting it soak, I noticed it leaking around the spigot where the whole in the Mr. Beer is. I cannot get it to seal no matter how tight/loose I screw it, the gasket has a bit of a crease in it. Any tips? Are you supposed to buy a new gasket every few batches?
  7. "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=313942 said: "fizgig" post=313826 said:@ Wings_Fan_In_KC, Red Wings or Hot Wings fan? THE Deeeeeetroit Red Wings Hockey Club!! High five!
  8. @ Wings_Fan_In_KC, Red Wings or Hot Wings fan?
  9. how do you convert those percentages in the malt section to dry weight of ingredients?
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