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  1. i was going to make this http://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/1137/nm/Punkin_Lager1 . I had used my Octoberfest for another recipe. i ended up using: 1. CAL, it was either this or a Northwest Pale Ale 1. BrewMax LME Softpack - Golden 15 oz of pumpkin instead of the 8 oz required 2 tbsp of mulling spice during the boil for the water and 2 Fromunda packets to handle the extra sugars. this should be interesting. we'll see in about 2 months. any thoughts?i guess i could do a dry hop. all i have is centenial and saaz.
  2. i would let it ferment for 3 weeks then let it carb/condition the rest of the time
  3. Wadeb79


    Does anyone have the directions for the Mr Beer Novacaine recipe? I'm thinking about trying to brew it. I just need to know when to add the hops.
  4. I brewed this tonight. i left the hops sack in there for 30 minutes until i got ready to pour into the LBK. My plan of attack is to let it ferment in th LBK for about 4 weeks then bottle to carbonate/condition for about 6 weeks. is that a good idea or should i rethink my times? :gulp:
  5. Does anyone know if there is a LHBS in Central Illinois? I live in the Champaign area. I would like to visit a store instead of buying my stuff online
  6. Are there any smaller HMEs out there that i can try? I would like to do smaller batches, and when i find ones that i like, i can make bigger batches.
  7. Wadeb79

    Witty Monk

    i would love to have 2 gallons, but i cant find another can
  8. Wadeb79

    Witty Monk

    I just purchased a can of Witty Monk. The directions are for both cans. Can i cut everything in half to make the one can?
  9. so i have the following mixes available. dont know what to brew next. :gofish: I have Devil IPA fermenting :gulp: Classic American Light Bottled
  10. what type of sugar should i use when i go to bottle? i was thinking about getting some agave to use. this is my first batch. It's been brewing for about a week.
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