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  1. is cold crashing a necessary step in the process?? i don't have a refrigerator big enough or a kegging system yet. but would like to try this process out. i did get the green light for a refrigerator/ kegging system. now i just need to be patient and find a deal on craigslist
  2. How often are you brewing 5 gallon batches? i usually start another batch as soon as i have the fermenter available. which is between two and four weeks depending on what style im brewing Do you do several 2 gallon batches at a time? no, i do make either five gallons or used the LBK How much time do you devote to this, including brewing and bottling? it takes me about three hours to complete a five gallon batch with LME and specialty grains and about two hours to bottle 2 case's
  3. at home i use a glass and suggest to people i give beer to do the same. fishing on my kayak in the open ocean, it's straight out of the bottle. the troob doesnt bother me.
  4. "Gluek" post=357726 said:Caffeinated too lol.. I'd try it for sure if I had been brewing when I was in college. I have also learned that the crazy experimental brews don't usually turn out as good as they sound. Still tempted to try it sometime anyway for the novelty of it. Cold Spring brewery once made a "beer" about 10 years ago they called "Hard E" for energy. It had 5% abv, caffiene, ginseng, vitamins and crap. They called it energy beer, but it was green and tasted and looked nothing like beer. Was not a bad drink really, chicks would dig it. (no offense, I mean people that like fruity drinks and not beer.) That's what this reminds me of. Tempted to try, but.. caffiene and alcohol.. I'm not much of a partier. find the recipe to hard E, post it up. worth trying an LBK size batch. hard tea anyone? What is hard tea? Is it the same as tea wine? I did find this via a search. • 1 box tea bags (100ct) • 1 lb Light DME • 3.5 lbs Corn Sugar • 2 lbs Table Sugar • 6 Lemons, cut in half • Red Star Premier Cuvee boil 5 gallons water + all the sugar for 15 min. Then Squeezed the lemons and put them in, added the 100 tea bags in a 5 gallon paint strainer... Steeped the tea for 5 min as per instructions and removed. leave the lemons in there (it's cooling as I type) and haven't yet decided whether or not to leave them through primary fermentation. copied from winemakingtalk
  5. this has been brought up before i think brewing is brewing. brew on
  6. roadx


    three twelve packs ready, four twelve packs conditioning, five gallons fermenting. i must drink too much because one five gallon batch every three to four weeks is not enough. oh.... and my apple wine is still chugging along, that stuff is going to be wicked.
  7. jet fuel is right whoooaaaaaaa :woohoo: mine is still cooking away. did a test sample yesterday and it came out to 1.005 @ 10.6% and its not done yet, stilling bubbling. :banana:
  8. my experience was similar. cidery taste and smell. i believe part of it is just the type of beer it is but most of is the beer is green. a couple months later and when i was down to just a few beers left from sampling the cidery taste faded but not completely gone. suggestion: store it away in the dark and forget about for a month. make another batch of a different type of (premium)beer.
  9. Nice! nothing like nice fast fermentation. with patience mine will get there. "philm00x" post=350970 said:roadx, yeah it's only been fermenting 2 weeks. ke another reading. if it's still the same, i'm going to bottle.expected FG was 1.026 and it already is past that. has stopped bubbling up. i'm going to let it sit for another couple days and ta Wings, one sip and the panties will disappear. My wife is quite the lightweight when it comes to alcohol. :banana:
  10. so you only had it fermenting for two weeks?? i cooked up a 2 gallon batch of what im calling Apfelwein (apple wine) on 2/22 and it's still bubbling away after almost three weeks and no signs of it slowing down. i might have to do a test sample soon this is the recipe i used 5 cans apple juice 2 pounds brown sugar 3/4 pounds cane sugar 1/2 pound lactose 1 pack Côte des Blancs yeast OG 1,090 not including lactose
  11. sounds good to me if you figure it out, i'll try and batch and whats so ew about malt liquor aka energy drinks?? :think: my wife loves her four and wine :party:
  12. problem?? just drink twice as much 12x2=24
  13. if you like long necks and bud go for the blacks, if you like the shorties and ipa's go for sierra nevadas or sam adams has shorties too
  14. use what ya got as long as its a bottle or container that has been used for carbonated beverages before. dark containers are best.
  15. ok im new but will help to the best of my ability 1. after 3 weeks in the fermentor it should be ready to bottle 2.prime bottles or rack to a bottle bucket and batch prime, then bottle 3. if you use clear bottles keep them out of the light, only reuse bottles that have had carbonated beverage in them before
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