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  1. What exactly is cold conditioning? Is there any benefit or should you leave any beer at room temperature until you are ready to drink? How long before you plan to drink a beer should you put it in the fridge?
  2. Bottled yesterday for the first time with a bench capper (3rd batch overall). Is there a way to check if the bottle is completely sealed? I had trouble at first with the bench capper and am worried this batch of beer will be under carbed due to a leak in the caps. Any tips on using the super agata bench capper? The bottles i used were 12 ounce pry off bottles - Brooklyn Brewery Thanks!! :chug:
  3. Any bench cappers recommended by you guys? I'm looking to buy online
  4. Does the Borg recommend using a vinator? Are there other steps involved when using a vinator or is that all you need when sanitizing bottles. Any recommendations as to what product to use in the vinator? Starsan or one step
  5. Hi all, My question is what is the best way to build a pipeline with two fermenters. Is it possible to eventually be doing something every week? (Brewing/Bottling/Drinking!) Any timelines you have used would be helpful. Hope this question makes sense Thanks!
  6. This is my next brew and my first recipe rather than just standard refill. The instructions aren't very clear in regards to the hops so my questions are: When do you add the hops? Do the hops in the wort go into the LBK for the full 3 weeks?
  7. Hey guys, Bottling tomorrow, my question is when you are priming with either cubes or granulated do you turn the bottles as the video suggests to mix the sugar or do you just fill and leave the bottle alone? I'm worried that when you invert the bottle wouldn't that cause oxidation? Thanks for your help Also for dominos dots would 4 cubes be good for each bottle? 2tsp (slightly lower than mrbeer recommends)
  8. How much of a role does temperature have during carbonation. If I am storing my bottles in slightly cooler temps low-mid 60s rather than mrbeer recommended temps do I need to change the amount of sugar they recommend? I checked screweybrewer calc and it recommended about 1/3 of the 2 1/2 tsp recommended by mrbeer. Would love to hear your thoughts Thanks!
  9. Hi all, When bottling how much have you gotten out of the LBK? MrBeer says to prepare for 256 ounces. Is that even with using the hydrometer twice (and drinking those samples). When filling your bottles if on the last bottle you only have enough for 1/2 the bottle does that change you sugar amount needed? Or do you not bottle that amount of beer. Any bottling tips would be helpful. Thanks! :cheers:
  10. When using various bottle sizes are you batch priming?
  11. Hi all First time brewer here have the American Light in the fermenter at the moment. One question that i have is what type of bottles do you recommend? I'm realizing the 8- 1 liter set that came with my kit are nice for bottling (short and sweet) but can i only drink 8 times?? Any preferences between 12 ounce and 16 ounce glass bottles in terms of bottling & drinking. Thanks for your help!
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