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  1. Just a quick update. I moved the remaining bottles to a warmer spot. On Monday, I tossed one in the fridge. Just cracked it open and the difference is noticeable. Just a hint of medicine smell but no medicine taste. It was foamy as hell too. I'd drink it as is but am going to wait another week before sampling the next bottle, which coincides with bottling my next batch. Thanks for the help!
  2. Nothing added and I used the yeast under the lid. Temp and sanitation were the main things I was concerned with after tasting it tonight. The above temperature was based on ambient temp using a cheap thermometer and the home thermostat. I know it didn't get above 70. I recently added a Mr Beer stick on to my LBK for my fourth batch. That thermometer showed lower than expected temps in the closet where the Weiss fermented (too cold leading to incomplete fermentation?). Mr Beer directions say to ferment at 68-76 for this refill. So far I've managed one great batch out of 3 (I rushed the first). My second was fantastic. Trying to figure out what went wrong on the 3rd while the fourth is working. I've moved the remaining bottles to a hopefully warmer location.
  3. I brewed a Deluxe refill of Bavarian Weiss (Bavarian HME and Golden LME) on December 2, bottled around December 20. At bottling it tasted bitter and smelled cidery. The trub had a slimy consistency. Temp was between 65-70. Based on taste, I let it sit 3 weeks in the bottle before throwing 1 in the fridge. It tasted like cider flavored cough medicine. I tried another bottle tonight (5 weeks conditioning, 1 in fridge) and the cider taste is almost gone but the medicine taste still lingers. Hefeweissen is one of my favorite brews and I want to get this one right next time. I still have 6 bottles conditioning. Any thoughts/suggestions?
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